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Where's a well-disposed yakuza when you need one?
Sasha Blaze
1. My laptop died. Again. I just knew that replacement hard drive would turn out to be nothing more than a form of hangon reanimation. (Is anybody reading The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service? Or, for that matter, remembering the episode of BtVS where Dawn wanted to revive her mother? They never come back quite right . . .)

2. I'm using a rental laptop that I have to turn in at 9 a.m. on Monday. It is the size of a coffee table and wheezes like an elderly pug.

3. I had to make another mad dash to my home town for a funeral this afternoon (4 1/2 hours of driving). It absolutely tears me up to see strong old men break down and cry. Aaauuugggghhh.

4. I'm embroiled in a maddening transaction on DoA that I just hope I can escape from with my money intact. And why am I embroiled in this maddening transaction? Because, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, I broke Lolly's Rule.

I'm crawling back under my rock now, 'kthnxbye.

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Can I crawl underneath that rock with you?

*making room at the comfy end of the rock*

And you can share the 38-cent SENIOR CITIZEN'S coffee that the young person at the McDonald's in Chanute thought I was old enough to get.

*doddering away, since I guess I look like I'm 80 now*

I'm so sorry to hear about the computer crash. That was my slipper slope last year . . . pc woes. But everything is fine now . . . *knocks on wood* Hope you get your laptop back quickly.

Funerals are always so stressful and sad. :(

Hope you are able to get your DoA transaction resolved quickly and to your liking. *hugs*

It may well be time to replace my old laptop--it's served me well since 2002, so really, that's something like 178 in dog years. But I really didn't want to do that yet . . . *sigh*.

Rationally, I know there will be funeral after funeral after funeral in my home town from here on out; I was a late surprise baby, so my parents' friends and relatives are all getting into their eighties by now. But each one is still sad--and to me, these people don't seem that old, because I never thought of them that way. (In my mind, my parents died young, but they were 76 and almost-78 . . . it's all perspective, huh?)

*hugs back*!


No, they don't come back...right. King's Pet Semetary was his Magnum Opus and dealt with that...sigh...

So, do you work on a pc or a mac?

The funeral thing isn't so much about the funeral as it is about this next phase Life is asking us to enter...watching the generation + one ahead of us cope...

Grrrrrr to DoA transaction.

I'm a PC-ite, and truly, I don't have any room to complain about my ailing HP Pavilion--I've had it since early 2002, and I never had a minute's trouble with it until six months ago. As computers go, that's a pretty darn good track record.

So very true about the funeral thing. And I'm in a weird perspective-situation, too, because my parents were quite a bit older than most of my friends' parents, and that skews my sense of whether people are dying "early". The funerals I'm going to are for people in their late 70s and 80s--this is the natural course of things, I know--only none of them *seem* that old to me.

I wanted to e-mail you as a belated burbly response to your last, only with this rental I can't get to any of my messages received before Friday. *sigh* In due time, in due time.

And, yes. Grrrrrrrrr is the only possible response.

Hugs for you.

I hope everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) gets straightened away very soon. Computer woes are the pits, as are aggravating transactions.

more hugs

Don't we get dependent on the compy FAST?? Wowza . . . I don't think of myself as being unable to live without one, but I think I'm unable to live without one. ;-)

I'm a-packin' up Gumdrops, lalalalala! Shunshou thinks Kiele will look smashing in pinky-violet eyes, only he was using less elegant language.

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