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Computered up!
Sasha Blaze
Aaaaahhhhh, that's a relief.

Old Betsy has gone to her reward (i.e., to be tinkered with and parted out by the boys at the computer repair shop), and Betsy II is settling in nicely, thank you very much. She's small, she's sleek, she's wireless-equipped, and she will be easy to carry around in Japan this summer.

Plus, the bad deal on DoA ended well, at least as far as I'm concerned: I got my money back in full, and found a much better body for the latest head acquisition. (More on that project later.)

And we have an announcement from a temporary redhead:

Humans don't pay attention very well, do they? I TOLD the human here that my name was Kyoushiro. And then she stopped listening. I don't want to go by Kyoushi, I want to go by Shiro. Is that SO HARD to remember?


At least I got this cool T-shirt as an apology.

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She's the cutest little head . . . who makes her? Better watch out, she sounds stubborn. *laughs*

And I am glad to hear you got your money back out of the deal gone bad at DoA.

You are going to Japan this summer? Lucky girl!! ;)

PS - I have a photo request for more pictures of your Dollstown boy. ;)

Hee! This is the Volks Kikyou head (and body, for that matter)--one of the asexual Kyo-Tenshi angels. Mine is insisting that he's not a gurrrrrrrrrl, but it's darn hard to tell . . . ;-)

I am SO relieved about the DoA deal--I was much, much luckier than a lot of people, and I truly think that their efforts with other bad sellers helped me when I said to this one "refund my money or I notify the police." A year ago, not many lazy, semi-dishonest people thought they could get in serious trouble if they stiffed someone, but they know now.

Mmmmyeah, I'm working on a big trip to Japan in June/July--more details as the plan comes together!

And Dollstown pictures will be coming up!! I have an idea for a conversation between angelboy here and Kit the struggling demon, so . . . if the sun would ever come out again, I'd be all over the camera.

He's so cute. That expression is so... barely tolerant, hee!

Wildly cute shirt, by the by.

Welcome, Betsy II!

Is that Azone tee a classic, or what? I had coveted one for years, truly YEARS, and then celticgeekess came up with one for sale. In BJD terms, it's like having one of the original YSL Le Smokings, y'know?

Why is it that even sweet, serene BJDs turn all grouchy and sass-talking in my hands? What am I dooooooooing???? ^_^

Betsy II came loaded with some addictive damn games, that's all I have to say.

She's very cute. How many dollies do you have now?

Well, I'm glad you got that all straightened out with your computers.

Urgh. Do I hafta count 'em? *whiiiiiiinnnne*

Er, three 70cm, nine 54-60cm, Shunshou, and teeny Cham Sae. Not counting the Head of Sejong's Enemy, the two in transit, or one who really belongs to someone else as soon as he puts the money together.

*weak smile*

There, there *pats head* I will only call you Shiro if that is your wish. (and yes, guilt gifts are fantastic! Nice shirt!)

SHIRO: THANK you! See, I knew some humans listened to their BJDs. I'll come and live with you, and you can--MMMPPPPHHHHH!

ME (with hand firmly clamped over resin mouth): Er, I think I need to have a talk with this young person . . . 'scuse us . . .

Hahaha, sorry I didn't mean to stur up trouble! *feels guilt*

He's so cute!

Kiele: *stamps foot* WHERE is Shunshou the Mighty? *pouts*

Sorry about that...she's so hard to keep occupied while we wait for Tsuneo's Student Visa....

SHUNSHOU (from inside his box): THUMP BANG POUND POUND POUND Kiele, honey, I'm TRYING to get there! It's a human conspiracy! Don't let that Tsuneo guy show you his option part!!

RIP Betsy I
Wow I LOVE the red wig! He really is cute, so much cuter than the pictures

The effect is really overwhelmingly cute--the pictures seemed a little more, I dunno, moody or mature, but "cute" is definitely the order of the day. I just can't get the little smirk to show up on camera, so there's a project!

Poor old Betsy. But five years is a good long life for a laptop. *sniffle*


The little blighters can be so titchy, can't they? Thank goodness he's as gorgeous as he is, even if he's looking a tad disparagingly at the camera.

I'm glad you are sleek and modernised now ... just think ... you too can now drive around looking for stray wireless signals so you can catch up on your mail away from home. (I'm still trying to figure out how I can stow away in your luggage.)

That rabbit t rocks!!

Hee! I wish this thunderstormy season would pass, so that I could wander around town and see where the stray signals are.

That expression cracks me up. There's the slightest hint of a smile in the right profile, but boy, it does NOT show up from any other angle. (All bets are off for the Great Angel/Demon Faceoff.)

Deep love for the Azone rabbit tee, yes indeedy. ^_^

He is really cute :)
Hello Shiro ^-^

Thank you!! I just love the Ren/Carol group of heads--and I think celticgeekess is right that there's a real family resemblance between this Kikyou head and those. Zoukeimura rocks!

(Deleted comment)
I'm really, really taken with this head, too--even more than I expected to be! Now I want a Sakaki, too, but those are awfully elusive. *sigh*

And honestly, I never name machines, but I started calling the old laptop "Old Betsy" while I was rushing around trying to get it repaired, and got attached to the name. ;-) Fred the Chinese wedding cabinet, huh? ^_^

To be fair, I don't think this was a true scam on DoA--just an immature, careless seller who, unfortunately for her, encountered someone who wouldn't put up with her delays and oopsies. ("Oops! I just realized that the body is stained blue all over like a smurf!" "Oops! I just realized that I've been pmming the wrong person about this sale!" "Oops! I just realized that I would be heartbroken if I didn't keep the body until after a meetup I want to attend.") snarl

I'm torn between terror and delight when I think about the trip to Japan--I'll be there for a month, with a week entirely on my own between two organized programs, omggggggggggggg! *biting nails and practicing basic conversational Japanese*

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