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Computered up!

Aaaaahhhhh, that's a relief.

Old Betsy has gone to her reward (i.e., to be tinkered with and parted out by the boys at the computer repair shop), and Betsy II is settling in nicely, thank you very much. She's small, she's sleek, she's wireless-equipped, and she will be easy to carry around in Japan this summer.

Plus, the bad deal on DoA ended well, at least as far as I'm concerned: I got my money back in full, and found a much better body for the latest head acquisition. (More on that project later.)

And we have an announcement from a temporary redhead:

Humans don't pay attention very well, do they? I TOLD the human here that my name was Kyoushiro. And then she stopped listening. I don't want to go by Kyoushi, I want to go by Shiro. Is that SO HARD to remember?


At least I got this cool T-shirt as an apology.
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