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Just some pretty
Yesterday Oneesan borrowed Lyon's Haute Hound default eyes and graciously agreed to model a prezzie from thelyn.

Well, okay. There was no way to stop her. But I try to maintain the fiction that I'm in control around here.

Elfdoll wig; embroidered capri jeans from an outfit by A La Mode de Margaud.

Earlier in the morning, when the light was cooler and greyer:

(What you can't see here is the truly fabulous aid to photography and general BJD contentment that I'm now pushing like a veritable Toppi [TM doll_paparazzi]: a silicone wig cap from Denver Doll Emporium. They're pricey little devils, but oh, my, the difference they're making to my more uncooperative heads! I want one for every BJD in the house, in due time.)
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Really nice DOF. Nice lighting too, honey (tm). :D

=^_^= My front porch has more photo possibilities than I realized!

Ah, gorgeousness overload. Oneesan is truly a stunner (and I, in turn, am truly stunned). Those eyes really pop blue in the cooler light, don't they? And the outfit is smashing (especially the cardigan *covets insanely*).

Really do love her wistful-prickly look in the last picture!

Ooooo yeah, I think the blue eyes are really working for her--it seems as if she has more variety of expression with them than with the other colors I've tried (which said HAUGHTY, HAUGHTY, and for a change, INSUFFERABLY HAUGHTY).

Leaf green, leaf green, leaf green . . . ;-)

Oneesan truly owns the world and we just don't know it...


She honestly just gets more amazing the more I play with her. And she just snatched the entire SSW Lust order as soon as it hit the mailbox . . . nobody else got even a peek. *sigh*

I really enjoy these photos . . . I think you successfully capture a bit of the essence of your lovely girl here. Love her wig and the poses are nice. So tell me more about the silicone wig caps? I continually have problems with wigs sliding . . . even when they are a perfect fit!!

Oh, me too, on the sliding wigs! I've been fighting with rubber bands--I don't like gluing moleskin to headcaps, for some reason--but these silicone caps are THE answer. I ordered mine from Denver Doll Emporium, but I know there are other online retailers (fairemma saw them on the Facets by Marcia website).

So, so beautiful and so, so serene.

She is so gorgeous! ... I love that wig on her ... ElfDoll huh? Must go cck them out
Great to know about the wigcaps ... I hate the velcro, and the rubberbands only work partiime

Yeah, this is one of the earlier Elfdoll wigs--I noticed it on the first Standard Sooah website pictures, and managed to snag one secondhand on eBay.

I despise velcro, too! So I'm all over the silicone caps, you betcha. It's just that there are a LOT of heads to cover around here . . . ;-)

Oooohhh, gorgeous!! :D :D :D

(Love her wild hair and barely-tamed expression!)

-- A <3

*big hugs*, sweetie, and thank you!! Oneesan graciously accepts the worship.

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