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Just some pretty

Yesterday Oneesan borrowed Lyon's Haute Hound default eyes and graciously agreed to model a prezzie from thelyn.

Well, okay. There was no way to stop her. But I try to maintain the fiction that I'm in control around here.

Elfdoll wig; embroidered capri jeans from an outfit by A La Mode de Margaud.

Earlier in the morning, when the light was cooler and greyer:

(What you can't see here is the truly fabulous aid to photography and general BJD contentment that I'm now pushing like a veritable Toppi [TM doll_paparazzi]: a silicone wig cap from Denver Doll Emporium. They're pricey little devils, but oh, my, the difference they're making to my more uncooperative heads! I want one for every BJD in the house, in due time.)
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