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An Easter arrival
Sasha Blaze
I was planning to rerun last year's Easter special (that was "Kanbei-dono Meets the Great Demon Bunny King," should anyone happen to have forgotten, heh), but a UPS delivery yesterday changed this network's broadcast plans.

I think I'll let the young lady speak for herself:

It is SO totally a relief to be here. You just don't know. It was bad enough, never getting to do anything at my last home because I was too big and didn't fit in, but then . . . winding up on eBay, looking like that?

It was awful. If anybody saw me there, could you please just try to forget about it? And if anybody wants those thigh-high red boots or the black pleather bustier and hot pants, er, just let my human know, okay? I really, truly never want to see them again. Ever. That cute guy Kit offered to send the horrible wig to the demon realm, because they're always short on cat toys there. I think I'm going to take him up on it.

So, here I am. I'm sixteen in human years, and I like drawing and going to the mall and beading and, you know, cute boys and shoujo manga and texting my friends and stuff like that. My Korean name is Sun-hyang Mo Ran, but would you call me by my American name instead? It's Sara Josephine. My human says it was her great-grandmother's name, and that's cool, because my brother Lyon is named after her grandfather.

Everybody's being SO sweet to me here, and letting me borrow clothes and everything. And I'm not the tallest any more, YEAH! I thought I was going to be a little intimidated by Mally Lee, because, you know, she's Mally Lee and my faceup started out fine from Tensiya but my last human sort of messed with it and I was ashamed of the way I looked when I first got here, but actually she's incredibly nice and we're going to look at fashion magazines together this afternoon.

I guess it's time for me to get new eyelashes now, so 'bye for a while, okay?

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Welcome Sara Josephine!

She's gorgeous!

She's so much fun--completely different from Mally Lee (to compare tall with tall). I can't make her look elegant and grown-up for toffee, but we'll keep trying . . .

Welcome Sarah Josephine ^-^
She is lovely :)

I'm enjoying her so much--even in my photo slump, she's getting a lot of playtime (though I don't seem to get the camera out and capture the different outfits I try).

You got an Afghan! Congrats! She's so pretty... Can't wait to see her with her brother, Lyon. ^_^

They do look nice together! Now I just need to remember how to take decent pictures (a skill that's eluding me at the moment)! ;-)

She's goregous! I loved her little introduction! It definitely seems like she has quite the well-formed personality, and that is always such a nice thing when a doll arrives. :)


I really do like her--and it's nice to feel that we've done some resin rescue, huh? ^_^

Oooh, I like her, sounds like it was a good thing you were able to give her a new home! I think she'll look good with some of your other dolls, especially the Shiny Dolls... I'm looking forward to seeing her in your photos again.

Sssshhhh, don't say Shiny Dolls! Right now, there aren't any here, but you read my mind . . . I'm very, very tempted . . . ;-)

This is a hard girl to photograph; she's much more interesting in person than in any of the pictures I've taken so far. A challenge, huh?

I thought the twins were Shiny Dolls... so sorry for my mistake! My Dollshe April Agaci can be a bit of a challenge for photographs too, though she's an interesting doll and has always been one of my favourites.

Aaaaaah, the twins are even wilder and weirder than Shiny Dolls, in a way, though they're on conventional Volks bodies--they have Saiki heads by Minawa Aya, and now that it looks as if Minawa might be going in a different direction, I think I was lucky to grab my two last year.

Oooo, I didn't realize that you had an April Agaci! Now, *there's* a BJD who doesn't get a lot of screen time. (Does Mercy have one, too, or was yours once Mercy's, or am I making up the whole thing?) I would love to see her through your lens sometime; do you have any pictures online?

Damn, I've never even heard of Minawa Aya, the Saiki heads are very lovely, I always enjoy it when you upload photos of them. Glad I know now that they're not Shiny dolls... be interesting to see whether you do get some Shiny dolls one day ^_^

Sure, I've got loads of photos of April. I got her from Karin a few years ago. I'm fairly sure that Mercy's April Agaci is still away having a faceup, I'm really dying to see her. Here are a couple of links for you. There are more photos of her in the 'groups' section of my site as well, Tell you what, I'll add a link to a groups page as well. April's been a much photographed doll since she first came here!




Oh, yum! And I'll trade you--here's Minawa's website (http://minawa.main.jp), with the doll pictures here (http://minawa.main.jp/doll/doll.html) and here (http://minawa.main.jp/sd/sd.html). Pretty things . . .

Wonderful. I really like these pages and this image is so moody and emotionally charged, love it http://minawa.main.jp/doll/doll12/doll12_07.jpg

Thanks xxx

Mmmmmmmmm, yes, isn't that a lovely one? That head is her latest sculpt, with the fixed-pose hands she's been working on for quite a while. I'm trying not to get my hopes up *too* far, but oh, if she would just decide to cast this head for sale . . .

...its kool to meet you sara...i wish i could go to the mall or read fashion magazines with you ,but my human has only been reading Vanity fair 'bout global warming and she's been on the internet all day AND listening to the Michael Jackson Bad cd? i mean wtf? what decade is she living in ?
she treats me like a baby,then a cat, then a baby,so i'm dressing and undressing like clockwork...i feel like one of those clocks where the cats eyes go back and forth...at least you have a nice body with very pretty hands..and a home with lots of kool clothes and backdrops
i'm an adult in a pipos cat body,my name is really roderick but the human named me "roya" like some kind of babyish bath toy ...errrrrr
i hope your social life picks up faster than mine has..good luck dear
and congrats on your coming out of that bad upbringing...maybe you are a lost heiress or something?


Ohhhhhh, did your human not listen to you when you told her your cat name? Roderick is a GREAT name, uh-huh. But humans do that not-listening thing a lot, don't they? Shiro the angel is all bent out of shape here because our human thought he ought to go by Kyoushi instead. But even if yours kinda misses the point sometimes, she still has some good stuff for you to do. I like that picture of you fishing! You're pretty kool yourself, *giggle*.

She's pretty! Can't wait to see the girls together. Claudine, Mally, and Sara. How is the "Little Sparrow" doing? Angel Avalie is still amongst us and fighting to stay. Mysonshe's adoption fees are growing, slowly. When it is meant to be, she will be realized.

Mmmmmm, just think how much has happened in the past two weeks, huh? ;-)

LOVE the picture of Chili!!

oh so you were the lucky winner!??? Congratulations!
She is very very lucky now
-That cute guy Kit offered to send the horrible wig to the demon realm, because they're always short on cat toys there. I think I'm going to take him up on it.- that cracked me up!
I love her mouth. I am glad Malley is being nice

I was determined to save what I could of her original Tensiya faceup, because I do so like the way Tensiya paints mouths and eyebrows. It'll do for a while, especially if I don't put her in anything fuchsia or purple to make that added "eye shadow" pop out. *sigh*

I kinda liked the image of the demon cats shredding that strange wig, myself . . . ;-)

Well, bless Kit for a gentleman and a scholar!! Just where the thing belongs.

*What* an improvement!!! We knew there was an adorable, gorgeous girl within. Rather like poor Odelle ... desperately in need of saving.

And second the urging for pics alongside her bro ... and Atsu!!! (please don't forget Atsu)

Here, demon kitties, here, demon kitties . . . well, with the wig disposed of, the next question is what to do with the teenage-runaway-hooker outfit. You'd think I could find a use for the individual pieces, but really, black pleather hot pants aren't exactly my Thing, y'know? ;-)

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