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An Easter arrival

I was planning to rerun last year's Easter special (that was "Kanbei-dono Meets the Great Demon Bunny King," should anyone happen to have forgotten, heh), but a UPS delivery yesterday changed this network's broadcast plans.

I think I'll let the young lady speak for herself:

It is SO totally a relief to be here. You just don't know. It was bad enough, never getting to do anything at my last home because I was too big and didn't fit in, but then . . . winding up on eBay, looking like that?

It was awful. If anybody saw me there, could you please just try to forget about it? And if anybody wants those thigh-high red boots or the black pleather bustier and hot pants, er, just let my human know, okay? I really, truly never want to see them again. Ever. That cute guy Kit offered to send the horrible wig to the demon realm, because they're always short on cat toys there. I think I'm going to take him up on it.

So, here I am. I'm sixteen in human years, and I like drawing and going to the mall and beading and, you know, cute boys and shoujo manga and texting my friends and stuff like that. My Korean name is Sun-hyang Mo Ran, but would you call me by my American name instead? It's Sara Josephine. My human says it was her great-grandmother's name, and that's cool, because my brother Lyon is named after her grandfather.

Everybody's being SO sweet to me here, and letting me borrow clothes and everything. And I'm not the tallest any more, YEAH! I thought I was going to be a little intimidated by Mally Lee, because, you know, she's Mally Lee and my faceup started out fine from Tensiya but my last human sort of messed with it and I was ashamed of the way I looked when I first got here, but actually she's incredibly nice and we're going to look at fashion magazines together this afternoon.

I guess it's time for me to get new eyelashes now, so 'bye for a while, okay?

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