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Photo slump

Where DID the past two weeks go?

No, don't answer that. I'll just say that I will be very, very happy when I'm no longer president of a certain civic organization which shall remain nameless here. And even happier when students stop calling me at home to ask for letters of recommendation that, of course, must be mailed within two days or they'll miss the application deadline for whatever-it-is.

So, anyway, I'm in a photo slump, and for the time being I can only offer up the blurred and/or flash-contaminated messes you see here. The backgrounds, though . . . notice the deeply cool backgrounds by Mary Madewell (see the_impassive's LJ for more information, because you want at least one, trust me)? They deserve, and will get, much better airtime when I get my brain terminals grounded again.

Books that are making me happy:

Saiyuki Reload 7 (omgggggggggggggg youkai!Hakkai *grglrowrrrrrrrrrthud*)

The Physics of the Buffyverse (go. Read.)

Japanese the Manga Way (no kidding. It's amazingly helpful with the grammar.)

The resin crew report that all is well on the home front, and ummmmmmm, we'll have a couple of new arrivals to introduce in the next few weeks or so. Plus an embarrassment of good goodies from friends. Send camera mojo, please!
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