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Doofy haiku
Sasha Blaze
Human with ningyou,
The household council gathers.
A wet day's playtime.

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You can have all the Booster meetings ... your's is a council gathering I would love to attend. ;)

This is what comes of playing too many rounds of "Haiku Journey" on the computer . . . =^_^=

cheerful and loopiness??

What have you been up to? The loopines I understand. Who is coming to visit or are we just about done with the human meetings.

Re: cheerful and loopiness??

I'm in the phase of the meetings where I have to go to them, instead of looking after people coming here . . . but once this weekend is over, the BIG meetings should be done. YAY!

Hey, did my various ramblings about pattern sizes get to you last weekend, or the e-mail I just now sent you (Friday morning)? I can't find a pattern in the way Cableone is misbehaving, so I can't tell what's getting through and what isn't.

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