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Miss Eriko would like to say hello
Please to excuse the underwear; we're still working on this clothes business.

Eriko-chan is an Aoi-Tuki Izayoi. Yes, at long last, I made the decision, and snagged her (with Celga's help) from Aoi-Tuki's online shop. Despite what people have posted on DoA--er, I'm out of sorts with people on DoA at the moment, so roll with me here--she is not desperately hard to fit in clothes, nor is she huge in comparison to other SD13-ish girls. Nor, for that matter, is her resin full of pinholes. Nor are her hands ugly. She's a darling, with interesting engineering features and some of the prettiest creamy resin I have (right next to Dollshe resin for nice color and texture).

Once again it's stormy and rainy and dark--plus I have a horrible cold that's sapping my interest in doing much of anything--so I don't have pictures to prove it, but she looks adorable with Kit the Mui. Can this be love? Ah, we shall see what we shall see . . .

Noooooooow, one more arrival to come, and I SWEAR the crew will be complete . . . ;-)
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She's incredible! I have never seen that sculpt before...nor heard of the company. Wow.
You have a gorgeous collection, full of very unique and truly artistic dolls.

*hugs* and I spend waaaaaaaaay too much time online, finding new oddball BJDs! I do think this one is a big winner--and there are a lot of nifty pictures all over the Aoi-Tuki website, here: http://www.aoi-tuki.com/index2.html.

Thank you for that link! WOW, I want one! They're really wonderful!

Celga had no trouble at all placing the order--and even with fees and shipping, the basic doll wasn't outrageously expensive. I would love to see Aoi-Tuki girls popping up all over the place!!

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