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Miss Eriko would like to say hello
Please to excuse the underwear; we're still working on this clothes business.

Eriko-chan is an Aoi-Tuki Izayoi. Yes, at long last, I made the decision, and snagged her (with Celga's help) from Aoi-Tuki's online shop. Despite what people have posted on DoA--er, I'm out of sorts with people on DoA at the moment, so roll with me here--she is not desperately hard to fit in clothes, nor is she huge in comparison to other SD13-ish girls. Nor, for that matter, is her resin full of pinholes. Nor are her hands ugly. She's a darling, with interesting engineering features and some of the prettiest creamy resin I have (right next to Dollshe resin for nice color and texture).

Once again it's stormy and rainy and dark--plus I have a horrible cold that's sapping my interest in doing much of anything--so I don't have pictures to prove it, but she looks adorable with Kit the Mui. Can this be love? Ah, we shall see what we shall see . . .

Noooooooow, one more arrival to come, and I SWEAR the crew will be complete . . . ;-)
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Hiya, welcome aboard!! I'm crazy for the Aoi-Tuki girls, and I love spreading the word. This is the front page of the website: http://www.aoi-tuki.com/index2.html, and the "profile" and "gallery" links at the top of the page will get you to lots and lots of pictures. I always have to hunt around for the Aoi-Tuki/SD13 body comparison pictures, but if you click on the various links that will show up on the left sidebar, you'll find them. Have fun!

*happy dance*

My friend teh_dolls has a Model doll Bonnie Hopez, and she really likes your new girl, not the least because Bonnies and she seem to get the same flack.

My own bigger BJD isn't here yet, but she's a *gasp* Goodreau.

Oh, I like Bonnie's head so much! I have a Bella Auden--I think the Dollmore Model girls are fantastic, and Bonnie has a lovely, sweet, innocent thing going on. And the Goodreaus are really interesting--I'll keep an eye on your LJ to see pictures of yours! :-)

tehdolls, I mean *bibble* That's her down below me. lol, I'm not sure you'd call Sal lovely, sweet, and innocent. She's a Newfie, so she's spunky. lol. I've seen your girl and she's the prettiest Bella Auden I've seen.

lol, I have to admit that I've been turned off BJD a little by all the elitism and flack that goes around. I've ordered the Goodreau because she was blacklisted and I wanted to show the artist support. And my smaller BJD is broken. So I love her. Or I will if she gets here in the mail. *frown*

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