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I should have spent the afternoon grading papers, but--
Sasha Blaze
I didn't. Instead, I spent some quality time with Pen, because it's been too long. The exotic new guys have been taking up all my attention, and I needed to remember how I got started in BJDs to begin with. There's much love for Custom House around my house, and with the new Doll Contest uniques coming out, well . . . that's something to look forward to this week.

Anyway, this is one of the new DollHeart shirts, bought with Pen's blondish coloring and innate preppiness in mind:

Ishy picture, but I like the full-length look at the outfit:


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glad you took pictures instead. *g*

Me, too, though I'll be sorry in the morning . . .

i love him so much. so so so so much. pen! PEN!!

I thought Jenna deserved to see her beau, because it's been a long dreary winter. ;-)

Love the shirt. He looks very serene. :)

DollHeart does great shirts--I wish they would latch onto the SD16s and Dollshe boys, already.

And Pen thinks his own thoughts; I've noticed that since I first opened the box. When I ordered him, I was expecting a very different personality, but . . . you know BJDs, they make some of the decisions for us, don't they?

Pen is love. He's such a sweet boy...

Aw, *hugs,* sweetie!

Are you getting one of the little Orientdoll Taes? I'm sorely tempted--he's so pretty and his proportions are very interesting.

I tried emailing you and it got returned. :(

Can you email me? lynATraftisDOTnet

Oh, I know why . . . I changed ISPs in January, so the old osprey.net address is dead. I'll email you from the new one!

Ooohh, honey Pen! He's a - dangit, I used to say pretty cuties were "dolls," but now I can't.

He's lovely! So solemn, with sweet secrets. That shirt really is nice on him.

I love him so. I get infatuated with the shiny new ones, but he's still my alpha and omega.

I adore CustomHouse boys...^^
IMHO, they are some of the most beautiful dolls made.
Pen really looks handsome in his new shirt.

The new contest dolls are killing me.... >.<;;

The new contest Evan! The Evan is *killing* me. Waaaaaah!

I wish I liked the Unique Jun better--the one in the Silla Dynasty costume--because he's just sitting on the CH website with no one to love him. But that faceup doesn't do it for me, somehow.

I regret so much, now, that I didn't buy either Gara_Han or Yeun_Orang during the months they sat unsold on the website. At the time, though, $980 seemed like an outlandish amount of money for a doll, and it was hard enough to convince myself that it would be okay to buy an unlimited Gene.

He is gorgeous - there's something special about CH.
I love these photos and the shirt looks really good on him.

This is how he looks when he's most "himself," I think . . . I started out with a younger, more sk8ter-boi idea for him, but it didn't take long for this reserved, dressy young man to assert himself. :-)

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