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Errrrrrrrr, another introduction. *sheepish grin*
An international fashion model has landed . . .

Kansas. Where is Kansas, anyway?

Mind you, the tea is decent. And this is a quiet sort of village, just the place for rusticating. Country walks and some serious reading, you know the sort of long holiday I mean.

Still, I don't expect I'll get much work here. Are there any magazines based in Kansas? I shouldn't think so. And no runway jobs, of course.

Oh, I beg your pardon. I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I? I'm Hilary and, well, I suppose you've worked this out, haven't you, but I've just arrived.

Perhaps I'll have time to finish that university course, after all.

In unrelated news, I do believe we have love in bloom, or at least in bud:

What do you think? Are they cute together?

Unfortunately, poor Sparrow doesn't think so.

woo~ he's gorgeous! Happy Birthday btw~~~ <3

And TALL. Jeez. ;-)

I'm so sorry Dave didn't get that job! I was sure that would be THE one--but this just means that there's another good one out there for him that he just doesn't know about yet. *nods*

I really enjoyed seeing these photos, looked at them for a while, went off to do something and then looked at them all again.

Congratulations on your new boy, he's FANTASTIC and a belated happy birthday to you!

Hee, thank you! And now we've switched to a blondish wig, blue eyes, and a pair of very fashionista eyeglasses that never suited anyone else . . . film at eleven . . . ;-)

Happy birthday, hon!! Sorry I'm late :)

And welcome home to Hilary ^_^


-- A <3

Oh, sweetie--thank you for the b'day wishes, but mainly, BIG hugs to you and Kira and your mom and your dad. I am so sad for all of you; you're *way* too young to be facing the loss of one of your parents.

You certainly were quiet about this one.....this boy is probably my favorite new face on the block. I just can't imagine the sheer SIZE of him, though.
Congrats, I have to scroll back up to drool now.

You know, he is not nearly as intimidating (size-wise, that is) as I expected--I suppose because he's thin. Somehow he doesn't seem to occupy much more space than the Dollshes, though, er, I can tell the difference when I try to put shirts I already have on him. ;-)

And this was one of those sudden things . . . a friend asked whether I seriously wanted a Sabik, made me a fantastic offer, and hey presto. It's nice not to be hampered by silly things like impulse control.

But heeeeeyyyy, you're supposed to be panting after Reisner! *beep* *siren* FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE *beepbeepbeep*

tee hee, he can move here to Calif, we got room and real models ;)

very very nice! and oh, a love triangle, what possibilities...

I'm not quite sure what to do with a BJD who actually wants to work instead of, you know, plot world domination or make me spend lots of money . . .

Oh, whoops. Already did that last part, didn't I? ;-)

Wow! He's lovely, and so mellow!

Aw, Sparrow, aww!!

Even though he can't do the Dollshe slouch--and the Dollshe slouch is one of my favorite things in all resindom--he really is extremely laid-back and cooperative (well, except for the spinny thighs, but I'm getting used to those).

Atsumori and Sejong get to keep their official status as Most Tightly-Wound around here, *sigh*. ;-)

Poor Sparrow. It's so very hard to be twelve.

What a great birthday for you, hon!

He look SO much happier in Kansas...than he ever looked in Cali! *wink* Hilary - I LOVE that name!!!

Just wait till you see the blondish-with-glasses look! *big hug* to you, and yup--I think this is going to be a veeeeeery interesting year ahead . . .

wow so handsome
"Are there any magazines based in Kansas?"
lol..your new boy has hints of a very young Nureyev to him,i think

He does, he does! Especially in this default wig, which I LOVE on him.

I couldn't sleep last night (!@*#$&! respiratory crud), so I tried every wig I own, and most of the eyes--some combinations made him look too much like Bowie, others too much like Jagger, and still others exactly like the woman who plays Emily Stewart on As the World Turns. I like the Nureyev echo much, much, MUCH better. =^_^=

I was worried about you and looked up where you live ... whew!
He is lanky ... long tall drink that one .... yum
Love in bloom looks promising, she is really cute, poor Sparrow

Those poor, poor people in western Kansas--I can't even imagine what they've gone through since Friday evening. We've had plenty of thunder and lightning, and the low spots are already flooding (it's supposed to keep raining all week), but some water in the basement is *nothing* compared to a mile-wide tornado taking out a whole town.

Yup, I do think Kit and Eriko make a pretty pair! And poor Sparrow is just going to have to deal with it . . .

Did you get my Happy Birfday email? Did the envelope come?

The tall is very handsome! Is he really as huge as he seems?

Hugs for you! I miss you!

Hmmmmm . . . he's definitely as tall as he seems, but in person he doesn't seem to take up an inordinate amount of space (it's the thinness, y'know). I can't quite get used to his straight back! No Dollshe slouch going on here, nuh-uh. ;-)

lol, yes, dude, go back to school.

Molly the vintage plastic baby doll is waving at him. *nod*

Hee! Okay, if he's desperate for a girlfriend, I know where to send him . . .

He is really gorgeous!
Happy belated birthday :)

Aw, thank you!! <3

How's Yuki doing??? As cute as ever, I hope--

Ooo I love the Mecha~! So masculine and gorgeous, just like Hound ^o^

Gah~! Long time no see, you probably don't even remember me ^__^;; I was the one you adored Azu-chan XD

Ack~! Wrong buttons~! I meant Atsu-chan *dies*

Oh, that tall, lanky, sculptural boy is just amazing! Just look at how the light loves his face. (I adore strongly-cut faces!) More!!!!

And the blossoming interest? Well, don't they just look like tentative teens ... Kit has this perfect anguished look, as if he is longing to ask her something terribly important to him (just the tiniest kiss perhaps?), and she's there looking cool as a cucumber and quite self-assured.

And poor Sparrow. :( But are you sure he and Eriko-chan aren't related? There is something of a resemblance there, I think.

Oh, Hilary-love does photograph well, doesn't he? His profile charms me so--I wasn't expecting that almost snub nose, but it's a nice change of pace from my otherwise pointy crew.

Sparrow mutters in the backgound that HE is Korean and Eriko-chan is Japanese, so OF COURSE they aren't related. And now I think he is sniffing in a disparaging sort of way, but I try not to give outright rudeness any attention . . .

Congratulations on getting this fabulous TALL lanky fellow. I've had my eye on Sabik and the only thing holding me back was I didn't want my Dollshe boys dwarfed. But I do think he's a fabulous doll. You bought him from Zag?? I was wondering when she was going to post about his arrival? *laughs*

Also I ALWAYS ALWAYS ENJOY seeing the dolls at your place . . . you have such a wonderful variety of interesting artist dolls/ fascinating face sculpts.

I am enamoured of your Dollstown boy, and if for some reason you ever had to rehome him please email me FIRST!! But yes, it looks like love IS in bloom and he will be staying put. ;)

And I am so sorry I missed your birthday too!! HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRHTDAY to you!! I plan to do a blanket birthday post for May. Ever since LJ took away the birthday listing feature on one's Flist . . . I've given up on individual posts. *sighs*

Aw, thank you for the birthday wishes--there's no such thing as belated, as far as I'm concerned, because good wishes are always welcome! =^_^= At the office, we always have to do a blanket birthday party for May--more than half the people in my department have May birthdays, isn't that odd?

Oh, my, Sabik definitely dwarfs the Dollshe guys--and yet he doesn't look as out of proportion with them as I expected. I'll have to fiddle with some seated poses, and show the results (but eek, the horrible indignity of asking the Dollshes to sit on phone books!). He is a lot of fun, and I'm so pleased to find that he's exactly the right size to sit on the stool I've put next to my big calligraphy piece.

And Kit is pretty firmly fixed in place here, but DO haunt the Dollstown site for any Mui restock! What a terrific doll he is--I'm so happy I took the plunge on him. (Now, if Dollstown would just come up with a girl head I like half as much as Mui . . .)