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Fifth-grade buddies! (Yes, it's another introduction . . .)

Absolutely, positively the last. Well, except for Cham Sae's twin brother, whom you haven't seen, but he isn't exactly new, right? Right.

Here are my two almost-middle-school guys, just being themselves. Grumpy Shiro (Volks Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou), you've already met; his sunny-tempered friend is a Ninodoll Mogwa head on a Volks Ushiwakamaru body, with a faceup by CherryStreet~Sera. I do so love having a variety of faceup styles--I'm lucky enough to have amazing, amazing work by Lyn and Evenstar, and now this adorable happy kid by Sera, too.

I'm leaning toward the name "Jamie" for him--what do you think?

Oh, and the background is by bjdbackgrounds, of course! *loves*
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