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Fifth-grade buddies! (Yes, it's another introduction . . .)
Absolutely, positively the last. Well, except for Cham Sae's twin brother, whom you haven't seen, but he isn't exactly new, right? Right.

Here are my two almost-middle-school guys, just being themselves. Grumpy Shiro (Volks Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou), you've already met; his sunny-tempered friend is a Ninodoll Mogwa head on a Volks Ushiwakamaru body, with a faceup by CherryStreet~Sera. I do so love having a variety of faceup styles--I'm lucky enough to have amazing, amazing work by Lyn and Evenstar, and now this adorable happy kid by Sera, too.

I'm leaning toward the name "Jamie" for him--what do you think?

Oh, and the background is by bjdbackgrounds, of course! *loves*
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I love Jamie! Actually a name I can pronounce and remember. Now we can anticipate another arrival in Kansas. Very soon we can make the introduction. I say we, because I will require your assistance in doing so. Jamie is a cutie. He looks like is always happy, a very opptimistic child.

He makes me smile every time I look at him--well, okay, they all do, but most of the others don't smile back at me! ;-)

(so excited for you, so excited for you, so excited for you!)

Your unique doll family always amazes me. These two school mates are LOVE. Are they MSD size or no? I think Jamie would work . . . he has such a sunny disposition, it would suit him perfectly. And the girl is . . . ?

You have so many unusual sculpts I can't keep up. LOL!

That's two of us who can't keep up! ;-) And thank you--I think these two are just terrifically cute.

Actually, these are both SD10 size: Jamie's body is the jointed Ushiwakamaru limited one (thanks to a great seller on DoA), and Shiro is the SD10-sized Kyo-Tenshi angel from the Kyoto Dolpa last year. Also, er, despite his lack of bits, he is quite convinced that he is a boy . . . I think that's why he looks so stubborn . . .

Grats, Cynthia!
Your posts are always a bunch of fun to read!

Your new boy is smiley. I like him. :D

It's nice to have a happy resin face around the house!! *hugs* to you--have to catch up with your LJ and see how you're doing, now that you're spending some time on your own--

What a CUUUTE boy!
I was never a fan of the Mogwa sculpt before, but this one is sweet!

I was really taken aback when the head came and it looked more impish than sweet--but Sera found the face I had in my mind, mmmhmmm! Nothing wrong with a candy bar now and then. ;-)

He's a cutiepie and Jamie suits him well, I think.

Feel better soon!!

You'd think, after nearly two weeks, that this crud would GO AWAY. Grrrrrrrr!

I think Shiro is getting ready to hit his happy little buddy there, that's what I think . . . sadly, not everybody has a high tolerance for optimism.

I'm going to need a program soon to know who is who and what is what.

(I need Oneesan pics! ROFL )

Jamie is perfect for him I think. Sweet, sweet boys!

*snorfle* I was just thinking the same thing--I need to make a photo guide for myself, never mind everybody else!

Mmmmmyes, Oneesan is sulking because (a) I haven't taken pictures of her in her current cute, casual outfit, and (b) I haven't figured out an outfit to go with her postapocalyptic geta. Will I have to go shopping to satisfy her? Stay tuned . . .

I love the name. He's sooooo cute.

Keahi: :::sneaks in with his vacation Morro Bay shirt on....throws confetti:::: new boy new boy!!!Yay

Jamie: Oooo, thank you, Keahi! I like confetti and streamers and sparklers and stuff like that, too! I found some champagne poppers the other day when I was exploring the house, but my human mom said I shouldn't pull them in the living room because the streamers get tangled up in the ceiling fan. I think she knows that because she did it one time. Grownups can be silly too, huh?


That is all ^_^

-- A <3

They are a big AWWWWWWWWWW, aren't they? The class grouch and Mr. Congeniality . . .

*hugging you tight*!

Sera really nailed this faceup--it looks great with all colors of wigs, wheee! But the population explosion honestly, truly has to stop . . . ;-)

What a cute Duo. They are just as I like ,my pairs, one happy one a wee bit grumpy. I love what Sera did with his face, very natural and sweet.
I am really really liking your Shiro (Volks Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou), he has mucho personality!

I am SO glad that I took the leap on that Kikyou auction--he is a great addition to the crew! And these two are the bee's knees together; they really look like a pair of grade-school best buds in SD size.

Alright. I'm heading over to start giving those viral invaders what-for. They have long since stayed their welcome and MUST go. Hospitality can only be sustained for so long.

These boys are utter sweetness. Mogwa looks so sweetly pale and open (and mucho loves for his ears!). I don't think I'd noticed before how adorable Shiro's chin is. Don't let too much of his grumpiness wear off on his mate. Some things simply must remain pure. ;)

ohhhhhhh, yes, the Mogwa head's Bing Crosby ears--I LOVE them!! I'm kinda wishing that I had asked Sera for a light sprinkling of freckles, now, but that can wait for someday. And that stubborn Kikyou chin is one of the sculpt's real charms, I think; it keeps him (well, you know . . . him/her/it) from being too blandly cute, which I think some recent Volks heads can be.

I can tell the viral invaders are starting to gather in little clusters and mutter about a retreat, but they are certainly taking their time. GRRRRRRRR.

(Deleted comment)
This is the only true smiley head I have--I was a little afraid that the perpetual smile would look creepy and Stepfordish, but he's adorable. But really, I like all three of the latest Kawainino heads; it was hard to choose, and Sukryu was a very, very close second to Mogwa for me.

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