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A few Friday pictures, just because

Because Claudine and Nessa are so dang pretty, and because I wanted to send a big group hug to all my LJ friends:

Claudine's wonderful top is by 1olly, Nessa's was a present from thelyn, and Nessa's necklace (er, borrowed from Mally Lee) is by the_impassive.

His hair is not pink, cross my heart--it's picking up reflections from the backdrop and the overhead light. But, once again, Lyon's Real Boy wig from Aziza turns out to be universally flattering, as do the Volks dark blue Metallic eyes. (I have them in 16mm and 18mm--need to add a 14mm pair to the eye hoard one of these days. So, who else has an eye color that you've bought in every size, because you love it so much?)

Mercy's and Christy's posters, and Mercy's Captain Emrys photostory, absolutely made this latest issue of FDQ for me, wooooohoooo! And I'm thrilled about everyone's new and impending arrivals, too--the ones that have been hinted at, and the ones that people are playing close to the vest (you know who you are).

May I say, though, that it's just a tad creepy that my FDQ horoscope actually seems to be on target, given some recent developments around here? For now, since nothing is at all settled, I'll leave the matter there, but . . . this might be an interesting year, mmhmmm.

Almost time to get myself dressed a little better and head up to campus for various end-of-the-year receptions. So very happy to be attending instead of running them, for once! ;-)

And finally, there is a truly hot (half-)Korean actor on The Young and the Restless these days. See?
He isn't getting much to do right now except look good in a business suit, but that works for me, too.
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