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A few Friday pictures, just because
Because Claudine and Nessa are so dang pretty, and because I wanted to send a big group hug to all my LJ friends:

Claudine's wonderful top is by 1olly, Nessa's was a present from thelyn, and Nessa's necklace (er, borrowed from Mally Lee) is by the_impassive.

His hair is not pink, cross my heart--it's picking up reflections from the backdrop and the overhead light. But, once again, Lyon's Real Boy wig from Aziza turns out to be universally flattering, as do the Volks dark blue Metallic eyes. (I have them in 16mm and 18mm--need to add a 14mm pair to the eye hoard one of these days. So, who else has an eye color that you've bought in every size, because you love it so much?)

Mercy's and Christy's posters, and Mercy's Captain Emrys photostory, absolutely made this latest issue of FDQ for me, wooooohoooo! And I'm thrilled about everyone's new and impending arrivals, too--the ones that have been hinted at, and the ones that people are playing close to the vest (you know who you are).

May I say, though, that it's just a tad creepy that my FDQ horoscope actually seems to be on target, given some recent developments around here? For now, since nothing is at all settled, I'll leave the matter there, but . . . this might be an interesting year, mmhmmm.

Almost time to get myself dressed a little better and head up to campus for various end-of-the-year receptions. So very happy to be attending instead of running them, for once! ;-)

And finally, there is a truly hot (half-)Korean actor on The Young and the Restless these days. See? http://www.theyoungandtherestless.com/show_guide/cast_bio_detail_2789.html
He isn't getting much to do right now except look good in a business suit, but that works for me, too.

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Nessa is so pretty! (There something about those older Choas...)
I can see why Claudine feels... overshadowed. xD Hopefully no cat fights will erupt between those two. :) I think blood will be spilled!

Your boy is so handsome~! These posts always entertain me while at work. ^__^

Also, might I inquire what wig Nessa is wearing? It's... wonderful!

Claudine HATES having competition. *sigh* ;-)

That wig is one of my new favorites! It's a Monique Gold Kana from JPop in a new color, True Gold. I'd say it's more strawberry blonde than gold, but whatever--it's pretty no matter what color it is.

Nessaaaaaa <3

And Claudine! <3<3

So much pretty, all in one post!

-- A :D

Poor Claudine deserved a more exciting wig choice, especially next to Glamour Girl there . . . no wonder she looks a little, um, irritated. ;-)


Pretty girls, and cute skinny guy. Hope that skinny guy becomes available again someday at Soom.

I'm hoping to see some of the skinny guys' relatives, too! *sending telepathic messages to Soom, so they sculpt more Mecha Angel heads*


My friend wants to make him blue and call him Kurt. :D

They're neat dolls.

Isn't that funny how the backdrop is reflecting off the wig? Is that natural lighting you are using or what? Where is the lighting coming from? if you don't like it, you might want to try to move your backdrop so the reflection isn't happening (you know like when you would reflect light off a mirror you would just find the sweet spot... you just do the opposite with this and pull the backdrop to a place where the light wouldn't pick it up). But personally... I like it.

Sabik is SO interesting. I really like him.

Thanks for the complements on the FDQ photos. REALLY appreciate it. If you wanted to write to the editor and let her know how much you liked it... I wouldn't tell you not to. Pat@fashiondollquarterly.com


OMG, your girls are so cute. Are those the default CH face ups?

That wig is a hoot--it reflects ANY color that's anywhere near it. The light here was a combo of natural from two directions and an overhead incandescent; I like the pinkish glow, too, but BOY, it didn't look that pink to my eye! ;-)

And yup, Claudine and Nessa both have their default CH faceups--but they're both limiteds, so I think they got a little more TLC from the artists than the basic models did.

ohhh what awesome piccies!!!!

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

the girls are of course my favorite... they are so so gorgeous!!!

Claudine once again looks royally P.O.'d, doesn't she? I think she needs a Luts neckpiece and some extra attention . . .

Nessa and Claudine look so lovely :D

It's so fun to drool and swoon over your love Customhouse Dolls. I always say 'someday' I will get one . . . until them . . . ;)

And nice to see that sexy Sabik . . . he looks like trouble on two legs. LOL!

I see Claudine as the alpha in this picture. She looks a little coy, mischievous and impish all rolled up in one and Nessa looks comfortable because she knows Claudine is the alpha and Nessa is okay with that. The Sabik is gorgeous. I love his mouth. As I do Jamie's (and his ears). Jamie will be a heart breaker when he gets just a bit older because he will be everybody's friend and too shy to admit deeper affections for just one.

And, I wonder who you might be referring to in the last bit? I do hope you are feeling well next week, bring your camera, I have some spots out at Lake Shawnee picked to investigate. I can't wait!!! You know you have to help make the introductions. I do hope she likes Kansas and doesn't think she was headed for California. I've been there and I like Kansas better.

Re: Claudine and Nessa

Claudine is always the alpha, you betcha. It's a good thing Nessa is satisfied with being the pretty one . . . ;-)

Nah, your secret arrival is going to be VERY happy in Kansas! Now, what the sillydogs are going to think of her, I can't imagine--but she'll be just fine.

Claudine looks so sweet! I love Nessa's wig, must ge me a Kana for the girls to fight over.
Wow those are Volks Blue Metallic? They look great.
I .... um ... have some eyes same color in more than 1 size
I agree about the posters too ... loved them!

Kana really suits big CH heads well--it's a little overwhelming for my 8-9 girls, but great for Claudine and Nessa!

And this "dark blue" is the only Volks Metallic color I really like. I've had the cobalt and hated it, the other colors are too eerie and pale for me, but boy, this one is terrific in just about everybody. I wish Volks would make deeper shades of their other pale metallics (the non-striped ones, that is--the striped ones aren't my thing at all).


I like Hillary's eyes. Very intense!

I just looooooooove those eyes--they've gone the rounds of just about everybody, and they always look good.

*offering liquid chocolate that doesn't have to be picked up with ouchy fingers!*

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