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Sara Josephine gets a present.
Deadly Mally
Well, okay, it was supposed to be MY present, but you know how these things go. And there's a story attached to it, which even the dear and generous fairemma doesn't know . . .

Last year, I saw this very kimono on eBay, in an auction by kimono-japan. I don't remember why I didn't win the auction--whether I was broke, or had to go somewhere and miss the end of the auction, or what--but I regretted it plenty; these sagey-bronzy colors are right up my alley, and you all know I'm a sucker for a pretty kimono. Plus, moons! There are moons in the fabric design!

Then, not long ago, I saw the same kimono on eBay again. And once again I missed out on it, without meaning to, and kicked myself all the way to the street when I realized I had missed out.

And today, a birth-month present arrived from fairemma, and when I opened it, I screeched out loud. Because, you see, there it was: the kimono that had been doing its best for months on end to come and live with me, only I kept bumbling around and getting in its way.

What a good thing it is to have clairvoyant friends.

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That's a wonderful story of how you got this kimono. That fairemma is such a generous soul and thoughtful person!! ^________^

And the kimono is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the muted colors as well. ;)

AND she's clairvoyant! =^_^=

I'm not telling Sara yet, but this kimono will make the rounds of all the girls . . . I think Oneesan the Saiki-girl will look stunning in it, too.

You know, putting this on her brought out something that I thought I was seeing in the Afghan sculpt: unlike the other Dollshe heads, Afghan really has the overall "look" of a traditional Asian doll. I've been reading a history of Japanese dolls, and boy, do her features and face-shape echo the traditional ningyou style.

Heh, I've had stuff like that happen. It's always worth the mother of all squees and then maybe acting a little ditzy for the rest of the day due to glee.

Isn't it cool? Now I want to read somebody's mind and give them the same squee feeling . . . only I'm not very good at it. :-(

lol I gave somebody a squee last night just by installing a premade lj layout for her.

I knew that. I really did. There was this little voice in my head going, "That one, ninny! It must be that one!" Although you have no idea how close you came to not getting it because I took one look at it and said, "She'll never know if you keep it because it is sooooo beautiful and get real ... can you really bear to part with it?" You see, I have a Good Inner Voice and a Bad Inner Voice.

But it belongs with Sara J, because it makes her look perfect and elegant and I think Mally Lee needs to guard her territory, because if I were Atsu, my head would be seriously turned. You know? ;)

Well, you know, I WOULD never have known . . . but a big tight hug to you for listening to the Good Inner Voice, anyway!

This absolutely brought out that gofun quality in Sara's resin--I was amazed by how different she looked, all of a sudden. Must keep this in mind as I look for clothes . . .

I swear, you with the outfits and dolls, hee hee! I know I've heard this story from you before, now was it a boy?

you are so lucky! And how nice of fairemma! Congrats!

I really am lucky!! And yep, it was Flynn the CH Ainomori Jun who magically found his way here, after luring me into BJDs in the first place . . . I don't win on the slot machines, I never get prizes in drawings, but I'll take dolly luck over those kinds any day. ;-)

She is looking VERY good, eh? *hugs*

Oh she is so pretty! And the kimono is so lovely and suits her so well...the muted colors make her lipstick go zing-pow!

Arrrrgghhhh, her lipstick wants to go zing-pow no matter what . . . but at least, with the kimono, it looks like it SHOULD. Instead of, you know, being a fashion emergency.

How is Friday?? Are we having fun yet? ;-)

She looks like it was intentional, like less-formal geisha makeup, so not a fashion emergency but rather very good long-term visualization of a doll on your part. ;)

Friday sits beside my computer monitor giving me the evil eye for neglecting her (I've been working on a time-consuming new commission so I haven't had time for more than the occasional re-tilting of her pretty head). She's nothing if not haughty.

(Deleted comment)
Awwwww, thank you! I think Sara is settling into her groove here--I haven't changed her eyes in about ten days, which is always a good sign that I'm finding a look that works. And the kimono brought out the best in her, for sure.

Ooooh - what a lovely gift! It's SO you! She looks wonderful in it!

The Afghan head is so stylized . . . not easy to wig or dress! I was thrilled to see how well the kimono worked for her, and ooooooo, I still can't believe L. read my mind and chose THIS kimono! *chortle*

How wonderful that the kimono finally found you ^-^
It looks really amazing on her :D

I truly couldn't believe it when I opened the package. I'm still giggling!

Very beautiful story. Isnt dolly luck the very best?
I think the colors are just gorgeous

I'll take dolly luck! I mean, lottery luck would be maybe even better, because you can BUY dolls with the money you win, but . . . dolly luck is just fine. ;-)

Wow - I didn't even recognize her as an Afghan, isn't that weird?

What a wonderful story!!

She really isn't looking very Afghanesque here, somehow! I need to scan and upload some ningyou pictures from my big book, to show what I mean about the echo of traditional Asian doll faces . . . I don't see that in my other BJDs, even the round-headed CH ones, just in Sara.

Fairemma is so awesome! But you're pretty awesome too, Cynthia! ^_^

I'm just all full of squishy love today...don't ask why. I think it's sugar...

eeep . . . I'm sending too much virtual chocolate, huh? ;-)

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