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Sara Josephine gets a present.

Well, okay, it was supposed to be MY present, but you know how these things go. And there's a story attached to it, which even the dear and generous fairemma doesn't know . . .

Last year, I saw this very kimono on eBay, in an auction by kimono-japan. I don't remember why I didn't win the auction--whether I was broke, or had to go somewhere and miss the end of the auction, or what--but I regretted it plenty; these sagey-bronzy colors are right up my alley, and you all know I'm a sucker for a pretty kimono. Plus, moons! There are moons in the fabric design!

Then, not long ago, I saw the same kimono on eBay again. And once again I missed out on it, without meaning to, and kicked myself all the way to the street when I realized I had missed out.

And today, a birth-month present arrived from fairemma, and when I opened it, I screeched out loud. Because, you see, there it was: the kimono that had been doing its best for months on end to come and live with me, only I kept bumbling around and getting in its way.

What a good thing it is to have clairvoyant friends.

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