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Rappaccini's Daughter
Sasha Blaze
There was one shrub in particular, set in a marble vase in the midst of the pool, that bore a profusion of purple blossoms, each of which had the lustre and richness of a gem; and the whole together made a show so resplendent that it seemed enough to illuminate the garden, even had there been no sunshine.

Soon there emerged from under a sculptured portal the figure of a young girl, arrayed with as much richness of taste as the most splendid of the flowers, beautiful as the day, and with a bloom so deep and vivid that one shade more would have been too much. She looked redundant with life, health, and energy; all of which attributes were bound down and compressed, as it were, and girdled tensely, in their luxuriance, by her virgin zone. Yet Giovanni's fancy must have grown morbid, while he looked down into the garden; for the impression which the fair stranger made upon him was as if here were another flower, the human sister of those vegetable ones, as beautiful as they--more beautiful than the richest of them--but still to be touched only with a glove, nor to be approached without a mask.

Night was already closing in; oppressive exhalations seemed to proceed from the plants, and steal upward past the open window; and Giovanni, closing the lattice, went to his couch, and dreamed of a rich flower and beautiful girl. Flower and maiden were different and yet the same, and fraught with some strange peril in either shape.

Oneesan's floaty top, by 1olly; Monique Gold wig; Masterpiece Precious Stone eyes. This bush just started blooming today, and between that and the top, well, there was Beatrice. (Though Oneesan says Beatrice is a wimp, and she herself would have seen to it that there was a much better ending.)

If you haven't read the story since high school, here's a fulltext version:

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My talent abounds on my Flist!! ^________^ You write, knit, take wonderful pictures, and collect exquisite dolls along with many other hidden talents. ;) Love her 'look' and the storyline, and can you send me some bloomin' bushes; it's rather stark around here in comparison.

Love this!! ^_____________^

Awwwwww, thank you, but Hawthorne gets all the credit for the prose here! And I was so surprised to see this bush start blooming, after the late freeze and heavy snow we had in April. I guess spring gets a second chance this year . . .

NEECHAN! It's Neechan!

I just love her and all her snottiness. She's so cool. Would love to see her with her darling 'Touto-chan one of these days. ^_^

*adding to the request list*

=^_^= 'Touto-chan is truly a darling; his expression seems to get deeper and more thoughtful every time I look at him. We know where all the attitude in the family went!

*sigh* What a compelling combination of hot and cold. A body to die for and a look to wither the very soul of a man (or a woman, for that matter). One wants to tempt her brother with sake sufficient to loosen his tongue and then sit back for the tales he obviously could tell (Beatrice a wimp, indeed). Fine idea!

Back on the material level of things, see-through floaty stuff does very nice things for her, and that wig totally rocks. I love Monique's new colours and must see my way clear to placing an order very soon.


Otouto-san is a young man of very few words, but . . . oh, yes, he does know plenty!

Now, if I could just remember which color this wig actually is. *shaking brain to see what falls out* Is it possible that this isn't a Monique Gold? It feels like a Monique Gold. But the color doesn't seem to match any known Monique Gold color, does it? Aarrgh!

Love that wig on her, and the pictures are WONDERFUL!!

There's nothing like filtered sunshine!!


Ohhhhhh, lovely lovely!! (And the choice of text to go with it -- perfect!)

-- A :D

P.S. What color is that wig? It looks very close to what I'm looking for to replace poor Lysandra's slightly ratty-looking one . . . and it's gorgeous on Onee-san!

Oh, boy. I totally fail at figuring out which wig color this is . . . I *think* it's the Ginger style in Chestnut Brown, but it's awfully reddish to be chestnut, isn't it? (There's no label on the wig or the bag, and I don't keep a list--now I wish I were more organized!)

You've outdone yourself, C - these are just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. And I love your textual choice!!!

*sniffle* thank you!! I wish I had caught the leaves growing out of the top of her head before I shut up shop, but . . . oh, well. It's Pre-Raphaelite, that's what it is. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Minawadou's online shop is open again . . . Saiki heads are there for the buying . . . heh, heh, heh.

Hawthorne has always mystified me; actually, the whole crew of 19th-century American writers leaves me scratching my head in puzzlement. I feel that I know where I stand with the English writers of the same period and to some extent with the French and the Russians, but I just don't get the Americans.

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