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King Sejong the Great, or What I Learned from BJDs

Sejong--my Sejong--is a Korean BJD, a DollTi "Type D." I nearly bought one of his brothers just before Christmas, when the first one showed up on eBay; I sat up half the night, right to the end of the auction, but I couldn't quite bring myself to buy such an unknown quantity of a doll.

The regret kicked in about 30 seconds later, of course.

Still, I waffled and dithered and iffed and butted for weeks on end. I passed up another "D" auction, or maybe two. I bought two other BJDs, thinking that would take care of the hunger. I e-mailed DollTi, begging shamelessly to buy one directly from them. (Um, that was a no.)

And then, just when I had given up . . . there he was again, glaring haughtily at me from another eBay auction listing.

This time, I wasn't going to miss out.

He arrived on Saturday, packaged in DollTi's bright spring green box (it's a sign! green is my color!), wrapped lovingly in golden pillows and golden ribbons, and generally impressing the hell out of me in spite of the fact that he is a tiny shrimp of a guy. With an angel crotch.

But who needs an appendage when you have this much charisma?

So, you're asking, what's with the name? Or if you aren't asking, I want you to, so it comes to the same thing.

Sejong. King Sejong the Great of Joseon, ruler of Korea from the age of 21 in 1397 until his death in 1450. Inventor of hangul, the Korean alphabet. Warrior, statesman, nation-builder, philosopher, scholar: a believer in the balanced life, in action as well as reflection, in wisdom as well as strength.

I figured I could do worse than to have a small Sejong in my house.

Wikipedia article here:

Another article about King Sejong here:
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