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More Custom House love
Sasha Blaze
Pen and Flynn, just hangin' on a Sunday afternoon. I was taking a Jin/Jun head comparison shot for a thread on DoA, and liked this alternate one so well that I wanted to save it for posterity:

Also, Hilary gets a geeky new sweater vest. And a geeky wig to go with it. (It's 1928; do you know where your boys are?)

Now you can all go back to doing whatever you were doing. Me, I need to go buy more laundry detergent. ;-)

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love the clothes and the wig color choices
Hilary! {sigh,..is the only thing i can think of}

He is a {{sigh}} kind of guy, that's for sure! (Of course, part of that is {{sigh}} because it's so hard to find clothes for him . . . ;-)


omg that vest is truly unbelievable. you are NUTS. zomg.

I need to rip the vest off him and block it--I can see all the uneven stitches in this picture! (And I knitted it on size 3 needles with light sportweight yarn, REALLY no big deal. Now the Bugknits lady . . . she is nuts.)

Yummy! What nice eye candy
I love that vest on Hilary ... he really looks 1928-ish too!

I think the world needs more nice CH pictures! And the vest was supposed to fit the Dollshe guys, but I didn't stop knitting in time and it came out WAY too big . . . not a bad thing, though, when I have this huge guy to dress.

I wish Soom would stop making their Sabik-sized pants quite so low-rise, though. They're really a little embarrassing, lolllllllll.

That vest is amazing. Knit that during the Rotary meetings? ^_~

Heh. No, this one was knitted mostly during the horrible cold/flu spell I just had! This pattern requires too much peering-over-the-top-of-the-glasses and muttering to myself for discreet meeting-knitting . . .

WOW!!!! It turned out great!! It sure looked at lot bigger in person. And what am I up to? Right now watching Riley AND Micheal. Micheal goes to his dad's tomorrow. It should be quieter with just the three year old. Jack has already called once to see if I've been burned at the stake yet.

Wait till you see him in person--he really is huge!

I will send good thoughts that the flaming torches stay well away from you . . . ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Now I really, really, really want a Great War uniform for Hilary--I think he's found his niche here. ;-)

And yup, that's the same me! I'm Cynthia in FlintHills on DoA, too.

Oh, but Pen and Flynn are pure love. I so adore the way Pen turned out ... so soft, with a little edge of intensity. And Flynn. Well, I'm his number one fangirl. *fangirling*

But Hilary in that incarnation is brilliant. Utterly brilliant. And all that muttering paid off. ;)


Pen's new faceup photographs soooooo well--in person, he's a little more stern and reserved, but I'm figuring out which eyes soften him a bit. Unfortunately, Flynn's default eyes make him look like a permanently stoned surfer dude here, but he's pretty tolerant of my eye-placement gaffes. ;-)

Yes, I think Hilary has found his decade, and I think it isn't the one we're living in. *digging through the pile of vintage knitting patterns*

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