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More Custom House love
Sasha Blaze
Pen and Flynn, just hangin' on a Sunday afternoon. I was taking a Jin/Jun head comparison shot for a thread on DoA, and liked this alternate one so well that I wanted to save it for posterity:

Also, Hilary gets a geeky new sweater vest. And a geeky wig to go with it. (It's 1928; do you know where your boys are?)

Now you can all go back to doing whatever you were doing. Me, I need to go buy more laundry detergent. ;-)

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WOW!!!! It turned out great!! It sure looked at lot bigger in person. And what am I up to? Right now watching Riley AND Micheal. Micheal goes to his dad's tomorrow. It should be quieter with just the three year old. Jack has already called once to see if I've been burned at the stake yet.

Wait till you see him in person--he really is huge!

I will send good thoughts that the flaming torches stay well away from you . . . ;-)

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