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More Custom House love
Sasha Blaze
Pen and Flynn, just hangin' on a Sunday afternoon. I was taking a Jin/Jun head comparison shot for a thread on DoA, and liked this alternate one so well that I wanted to save it for posterity:

Also, Hilary gets a geeky new sweater vest. And a geeky wig to go with it. (It's 1928; do you know where your boys are?)

Now you can all go back to doing whatever you were doing. Me, I need to go buy more laundry detergent. ;-)

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(Deleted comment)
Now I really, really, really want a Great War uniform for Hilary--I think he's found his niche here. ;-)

And yup, that's the same me! I'm Cynthia in FlintHills on DoA, too.

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