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He followed me home. Can I keep him?
Deadly Mally
Er, pardon the glue bottle; we're still working on the body problem. But this is, or will be, Susa (short for Susa-no-o), and I promised the_impassive that I would take some pictures of him to whip up the collective Migidoll Ryu lust.

Finally, someone to wear the amazing feather wig I bought on DoA ages ago!

Yes, he's the tanned Ryu that was on eBay not long ago, and isn't his faceup lovely? These are Atsumori's 14mm True Olive Gumdrops eyes, which seem to run a bit small compared to other 14mm eyes I have.

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oh he's very handsome!! i like him! he's a nice color, he doesn't seem too orange or too dark. eee!! congrats!!!

He is a GORGEOUS color--exactly like a perfect brown egg at the farmer's market.

Not that I'm hungry or anything. ;-)



Oh goodness. Okay, his gorgeous skin tone is worth the trouble of the body search, hell yes.

That eye size does look very nice in him. Mmmmmm.


He is all that, isn't he? I keep taking the head out of its box and cooing over it.

I'm stomping around the house and pouting because somebody beat me to asking rkold whether she would split her one-off sunlight boy, and has the body on hold already. Dammit.

Still no answer from Domuya. Am I crazy enough to order one of the light tan bodies sight unseen?

Well, we all know the answer to that, don't we? =^_^=

He's beautiful, the face up is just lovely. CONGRATS!

Impulse shopping, impulse shopping, impulse shopping . . . this is what I do while the rest of you are doing the Unoa preorder! ;-)

He purty, hmmmm? ;-) Thanks!

Egad!! He's gorgeous!!! *keels over* Oh why oh why do you do this to me?????

He looks smashing in every one of those wigs (my, but I think I recognise that last one!), but it is a treat that the feather one looks so grand on him. And did I mention I'm insanely jealous? No? Well, I am!

True Olive is lust-worthy in this lad.

Oh ... is that cooing or drooling?? *grabs a mop just in case*

I don't know if you can keep him. I'm thinking he might really belong here. ;)

I are veeeeeeeeery happy with the results of this impulse purchase!

*wiping drool*

I'm not sure poor Atsumori will get his eyes back. Only a madwoman would buy two pairs of identical high-dollar eyes, right? Right?

Umm...what Bel said.

He's a handsome fella! Hope you find a body for him!

Yeah . . . I opened the package, and omgggggggg *thud*. I think this may be Oneesan's man, um-hum.

He's gorgeous! <3 <3 Would he match a narin suntan maybe? All else fails I guess I could cast you a body? XD;;

I thought about the Narin tan, but dang, I really hated Etienne's body--that's why I sold him. And I think Narin tan is lighter than Volks sunlight (which is the real match), anyway.

I'm a bad, bad instant-gratification person, so if I can verify that Domuya light tan matches Volks sunlight, I'll probably go that way . . . but I will definitely not forget that you're there with molds and resin!

(Deleted comment)
I love knowing what eyes people have in their dolls! I'm even more drawn to eyes than to wigs, but I like having credits on both, if people remember where they came from. (In this case, lemme think . . . feather wig from somebody on DoA; cinnamon fur wig, ditto; champagne beige Aziza fur wig; wiry wig from either Luts or Ajumapama, can't remember which.) ;)

Damn, he's gorgeous!
Is he SD sized?
What happened to his bod?
Loooove those eyes,

He gots no bod. *sniffle* Migidoll doesn't make bodies; apparently the closest match to the Migidoll tan resin is Volks sunlight (yeah, riiiiiiiight), so I'm breathing down Rachel K.'s neck in case she does split her one-off. But I don't have any real expectations there, so it looks as if Domuya light tan might be the next-best option.

Grrrrrrrrr. I need to stop falling madly in love with these artist heads.

(Deleted comment)
We cannot disagree.



He is one GOOD LOOKING fellow with such gorgeous green eyes. Wow, they are mesmerizing. Congratulations!! ;)

He is just as pretty as he looked in the auction pictures--I was so happy when I opened the box! But stealing other people's eyes already . . . I dunno, I think this one might be trouble. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
I like the feather wig best, too, but there's something about the peering-through-the-thicket-of-hair effect that works awfully well. Hm. We'll have to see who he becomes once he has a body instead of a glue bottle.

Oh what a pretty guy!
The feather wig suits him wonderfully :)

I adore that wig, but I've had trouble finding someone to wear it. Mally Lee can pull it off, but it looks costumey on her--a great Mardi Gras or Halloween effect, but not good for everyday. This guy, I think, is part bird to begin with. ;-)

Love that feather wig!
I agree with Sher, I really like his coloring. Warm and realistic. Those gumdrop eyes are gorgeous

Isn't that wig cool? Especially with the green eyes--I bet it would be great with the Nostalgia Yellow pair I have, too (unless they blend into his resin tone too much). Must try!

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