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For celticgeekess: Unoa in 14mm Soom eyes
This worked better than I expected--the size really isn't bad at all, is it?

14mm spottedgrey, overcast natural light, outdoors:

14mm Charon, flash-assisted, indoors:

Home again after my 350-mile, seven-cemetery round trip. Lots of rain; lots and lots of rain. The last time I remember the cemeteries in my home town being this waterlogged was when I was a kid in junior high.

Going around to the old cemeteries and telling the family stories was quite a bit more fun when I actually had live family to do it all with.

And that's more than enough self-pity for one post! Hope you're all snarfing down hot dogs and deviled eggs with plenty of beer, or whatever says "official beginning of summer" to you. ;-)

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I think there are 12mms in my Sist. Hmmm, I think I'm going to try a 14mm pair ... I like how these are fuller.

I wish I could visit my family's gravesite and spend a little time. Set a vase of flowers. Drop a tear or two in memory. But everyone is buried in Utah, the family seat. Since my mother's death, I've only been able to get out there once. And I'd be the only one to do it. Everyone else is gone and no amount of money would get my sister there. Talk about self-pity, eh?

I'm glad you are safely home. *hugs*

I would never have tried 14mms in Shunshou unless Michelle had asked whether I had 14mm Sooms--but I like 'em!

I know that, deep down, one reason I'm not making any effort to find a more interesting/congenial/satisfying job is that I don't want to leave this territory where all my roots and graves are. I'm not sure how long I'll feel this way, but for now I think I need to be around. My cousins aren't interested in knowing where our Patton great-grandparents are buried, but at least I can always force the directions on them, whether they want to know or not. On Mom's side, though, I'm the last one left. A few years ago, I thought I was cool with that. This year . . . not so much.

*adding Utah to the itinerary for the Great Roadtrip*

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