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So, who should go to the Topeka doll show tomorrow?
This charming young lady?

Or this elegant young gentleman?

Votes will be tabulated, but may or may not affect the outcome. ;-)
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I'd say it depends on which one is packing.

You know, Kansas does have a concealed-carry law.

*sudden terrifying image of Oneesan applying for a permit*

I love their outfits, especially that pretty skirt.

I truly love this set--it has several pieces, and they're all cute (denim capris, denim shorts, a babydoll top, this top, and the skirt). The Taiwanese seller popped up on eBay last year, but hasn't been around in a long time; it's too bad, because I would have liked to get more of her stuff.


yes I know, no help there.

Ouchy! My arm muscles hurt after carrying just one of them around for half a day . . . plus, I need an arm free for shopping. Hmmmmm.

I vote for Nessa. ^__^

...I'm of no use. ;___;

Hee! Actually, that's a thought--CH girls are so much lighter to carry than Volks bodies. *considering wardrobe options*

Really, in fairness, I should take Pen--he's never gone--but the wig that looks best on him is a little long and shaggy. I just don't want to deal with the "oh, what a pretty girl!" stuff. Claudine went two years ago, and after some remarks were made about her "sad eyes," we got our noses out of joint. (Sad? Claudine? I truly don't get it.) But it's so much easier to shop for props and vintage clothes if I have a doll on my arm; I'm not good at judging scale on my own.

ohhh i love them both, how to choose!!?? i love her skirt...

he is amazing. they are BOTH amazing!!!!!!!! take them both!

Argh. It's awfully close quarters for even one, much less two, but I can't choose between them! So now I'm thinking I'll take Eriko the Aoi-Tuki. I just hot-glue sueded her neck, so her head doesn't wobble . . . and she's kinda cool and different.

Or else I'll just grab Lyon's bag on the way out the door. He's not very dressed up, but his cool factor carries off jeans and a blue workshirt and sandals perfectly well.

there's a doll show tomorrow? Can anyone come or just topeka doll club members? :3 I have to go to topeka to get more paperclay anyway. X3

Yeah!!! Jeez, I would have said something, but I figured you knew about it already--though now that I think about it, I don't know how you would . . .

Anyway. It's the big fundraiser/PR event for the Topeka doll club, and it is definitely open to the public. I think the admission fee is about $5; the hours are 9 to 3. It's in the Ramada Inn downtown (on 6th). I'm going in the morning, because I promised a former student that I'd give her a ride--if you get there before noon or so, look for me!

So beautiful - so natural. I love their outfits and the colors and fabrics used.

Aw, thank you! His kimono was a splurge, but it's so elegant--hard to regret spending money when the results are this nice. =^_^=

Well, I guess Jessie is coming after all. My visitors showed up today so I won't be as rushed. I'll be bringing Chris too and we plan to be there to open the doors. You know I won't be any help in deciding who gets to come. We'll be happy to see who ever ends up coming. I can e you my cell number in case we miss each other at the door. Talk to you soon and see you in the morning.

Oh, yay! Miss Jessie will have a couple of things to take home with her (the agate eyes came today!!), and my friend Marilyn is bringing a doll of some kind, so the four of us can trot around being silly and having a good time.

I have your cell number, if we don't spot you and Chris--see you tomorrow!!

Take 'Touto-chan! He's such a nice well behaved boy, compared to that hellion he shared the womb with. She'll just encourage you to spend too much, eat fattening food and pick up handsome young unsuspecting samurai. She's a baaaaaad influence.

On second thought...take Neechan!


And she looks soooooooo pretty in her floofy skirt, with her blushed knees showing. It's called nature's camouflage. ;)

Actually, I've more or less wobbled over to the idea of taking Lyon, since he's fairly floppy (and thus easy to carry in the crook of an arm). 'Touto-chan's problem, as far as travel goes, is that he's so foursquare and sturdy--he doesn't snuggle well.

But who knows which one I'll grab as I walk out the door in the morning?

My vote is for 'touto-san. Poor lad. Oneesan gets all the attention, she's in all the pictures, she's the one with the well-defined personality. That poor lad is lip-smacking gorgeous, yet he's always living in the shadows of his highly visible twin. Besides, he's got the incredible gofuku-whatever kimono, and it looks to die for (which I'm sure it is).

The boy. Definitely. No doubt in my mind. *ducks from whatever Oneesan is preparing to hurl*

('neesan may get the pictures . . . but what nobody knows is that, when we're at home, it's 'touto-chan who gets the kisses-on-the-top-of-the-head.)


Now I think I'm going to take Kit the Mui. That kimono is *so* nice that I don't want to drag it all over Kansas and get it all mussed! Kit is wearing ripped-up jeans and layered T-shirts and a pair of Converse hightops--much more travel-friendly.

I vote Gentleman all the way!
He is so handsome and serene looking

Isn't he a love? Lyn made him so special. I could wish he didn't have quite such expensive taste in clothes, but I suppose we all have our little faults.

Take ME!!!!

Oh. Not an option? Feh.

I'd say take Kit, because he's dreamycakes, and mail me your Aoi-Tuki for display at the First Annual Mehitobel's Tabletop Convention because I HAD NO IDEA YOU HAD ONE OMG CYNTHIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME.

Where were you??? I mean, okay, Miss Eriko hasn't had that many pictures taken (she's not quite as easy to photograph as some of the others), but still . . . ;-)

I did indeed take Kit, and he was entirely dreamycakes, plus he lured several nice ladies from the dealer booths into writing down the Dollstown website's URL on the spot. And I think he got a kiss on the nose. Plus, he had his picture taken with the lovely Jessie from Topeka and her Yorkie--photos to come on my friend sillydogs's LJ. All in all, a most satisfactory day.

(Deleted comment)
I need to figure out a better way to carry BJDs at these things--it's hard to browse the booths with a doll on the arm, and yet a big carrier is even more awkward. I refuse to buy a baby sling, and yet that would probably be the most practical in the long run . . .

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