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There was cake. There were balloons.
For those of you who haven't been hearing much from me, well, I've been embroiled in making the arrangements for the Emporia Rotary club's 90th anniversary celebration today. (This is what I get for being the club president. You there in the back row, you can stop laughing now.) And I'm happy to report that the big do came off without a hitch: my advance headcount came within three of the actual attendance, the entire Rotary district leadership trekked over from their various towns, the displays of ancient club memorabilia pleased the older members, the program was interesting enough, the Sergeant-at-Arms told a couple of decent jokes, and the Country Club actually served a nicely plated lunch instead of our usual institutional-food buffet. This being Kansas, and most of the members being men over 50, the menu was steak, baked potato, and green beans. I didn't hear any grousing at all.


And there was cake.

Plus balloons.

I am so tired.

In other news, I have 16 days to get ready for the trip to Japan. (Ack!) And Domuya has sent me a tracking number for the light tan body I ordered.

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Awwww, congrats on throwing a successful party!!

-- A ^_^

Phew! I would make a terrible event organizer . . . I don't like events!

On the other hand, I do like cake, so there are compensations. ;-)

Congratulations for pulling off a successful event!

I want full documentation of this Japan trip, yes I do. I've never been out of the country at all. I have to live vicariously through the travels of others, so help me out here!

Oh, man. I haven't been out of the country in twenty years, and I've never been to a non-English-speaking one (well, parts of Scotland were pretty hard to understand, but still . . .). Getting very, very nervous about all this, yes indeedy. But I bought a nice compact little camera to travel with, so I'm all set for pictures, and I do plan to take my laptop for the seminar.


Your trip is coming that soon? What will I do without you? *panics*

You better have fun!

And may I just yell a "Hallelujah" to that little fact?



Hee! Well, the trip is down to only two weeks (the second half fell apart because of local university politics . . . ugh), so I won't be *very* gone--and I do plan to be online while I'm there, if everything works the way it's supposed to.

Besides, your house is going to sell, and you're going to be SO busy you won't have time to keep in touch with anybody!

What ... no over-baked chicken? No creamy-orangey salad froth with the little marshmallows? What's the mid-west coming to? Still, the balloons were a nice touch.

Here's to remarkable planning and no hitches.

I just tried my NS Domuya flexi-body with Chojiro, and damn if it isn't a great match and wonderfully proportioned. I'm definitely forsaking his war-wounded SD13 body. Nice though it is, the flexi is perfect for this samurai lad. Semele thinks so too, because his arms have much better mobility to hug her now. I'm so excited for Susa-san to get his head-home.

And you'd better take tons and tons of pictures, downloading each card to your laptop as it fills so you can take tons and tons more ... and then you are instructed to spam us like crazy. Alternatively, you can take me with you. ;)

*snorfle* If I had fed these guys chicken, well . . . it wouldn't have been pretty. It had to be steak or nuffin'. (You should hear them bitch and whine on the days when we have a big salad bar--with four meat options, yet--instead of hot food.)

I can't take credit for the balloons--one of the board members is much more party-minded than I am, and she organized those. It's the only thing any of the board *did* do, but it was plenty; the rest of the arrangements came together well enough, but table decorations just aren't on my mental radar.

Oo, now I have even more hopes that the Domuya light tan really will be a good match for Migidoll's "almost-Volks-sunlight" tan!! And I have thoughts about the Volks SD13 body and resin samurai loneliness, but I'll stuff those into an e-mail.

Sadly, the seminar people told us to pack light, so I don't think I'm supposed to take a checked bag big enough to fold friends into. *sniffle*


I figured you were busy. Cutting that kind of close on several levels. I presume the tan bod is for feather head? My mood is flippant (is that a word?) in case you can't tell. I see the thyroid specialist tomorrow. He'll probably have to adjust my dosage. It is amazing that a little thing called the thyroid can affect your energy, mood, hair, finger and toenails, appetite, lack of weight loss (in my case). And these are just the symptoms affecting me today. Hint, don't ask Jack if I've been moody. Even poor little Riley told me I didn't wub her anymore. That's bad, but she was being a true three year old today. Well thanks for letting me get that off of my chest. Glad the dinner went so very well for you. Hugs, if you want to get that close to a real grump.


Yup, the tan bod is definitely for feather head . . . and I don't know, he might be too pretty to have any brains! ;-)

Hope the specialist gets you sorted out! And there are days when it's hard to wike three year olds, no matter how much you wub them. (True of just about everybody when you stop to think about it, huh? Students, Rotary club members . . . husbands . . . )

Do you think you'll be able to carve out an hour or two to play, sometime? I need to go to Topeka to buy a wedding present (Bed, Bath, and Beyond) before I leave for Japan--

Japan!! I am so envious of your upcoming trip to Japan . . . but I do hope you have an incredible time!! :)

I still can't believe I'm going--it doesn't seem real at all, even though I've dropped a ton of money on the seminar fees and the plane fare and my hotel reservation for after the seminar! I suppose it will start coming into focus about the time we're over the Pacific and it's too late to turn back . . . ;-)

I'm not laughing because I'm stupid and have no idea what "rotary" is. ~__~;

Either way, I'm glad everything worked out! :D
I like cake, too. :9 It's such a great bargaining unit.

Oh! And I received your payment (my fault for not asking about it sooner ^^; ), and I sent it off to Custom House. :) Hopefully it will be shipping soon because they said my seeeekrit girl should ship sometime this week. (I won't believe it until I see it. You know, I ordered her in early April! O_O)

Aaaaahhhhhh--you are not a small-town girl! ;-) Rotary (actually, Rotary International) is a community-service organization, made up of business and professional people; it started in the US, but it's a worldwide network of clubs now.

Amazing, how cake makes people happy! It was hilarious to see all the business leaders of Emporia rushing up to the cake table while I was trying to start the meeting--they were so afraid that they might miss out on getting their piece . . .

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