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Small pleasant things

1. The editor of the student newspaper came to my office today with this and the sweetest note from the whole staff, to thank me for not hanging them out to dry with the administration when they screw up worse than usual. As they did last week.

2. The Dollicieux photo contest judges thought my picture of Pen and Simon Elias was cute enough to win a category. Eeeeeeee, I wonder what the prize will be??

3. I spent a good part of the day talking about photography with some of my colleagues. (And fingering the brand-new Nikon digital SLR that one of them just bought. Envy is a sin.) Guess I'm officially a photographer of dolls, now that I've actually shown non-doll people some of my pictures. There's a vague plan afoot for us to put a bunch of entries in the photography categories at the county fair this summer. I'm entertained by the idea of seeing whether I could pass off, say, one of those cheongsam portraits of Sejong as a picture of a real person.

4. The Jessica Hu jeans came in today's mail. The girl size is still too big on Sejong, but that leaves boxer room, and I really like the stitching and fabric. Et voila:

5. I saw this head on Y!J yesterday evening. And I bought it.

6. Kanbei in fancy pajama pants.
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