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Small pleasant things
Sasha Blaze
1. The editor of the student newspaper came to my office today with this and the sweetest note from the whole staff, to thank me for not hanging them out to dry with the administration when they screw up worse than usual. As they did last week.

2. The Dollicieux photo contest judges thought my picture of Pen and Simon Elias was cute enough to win a category. Eeeeeeee, I wonder what the prize will be??

3. I spent a good part of the day talking about photography with some of my colleagues. (And fingering the brand-new Nikon digital SLR that one of them just bought. Envy is a sin.) Guess I'm officially a photographer of dolls, now that I've actually shown non-doll people some of my pictures. There's a vague plan afoot for us to put a bunch of entries in the photography categories at the county fair this summer. I'm entertained by the idea of seeing whether I could pass off, say, one of those cheongsam portraits of Sejong as a picture of a real person.

4. The Jessica Hu jeans came in today's mail. The girl size is still too big on Sejong, but that leaves boxer room, and I really like the stitching and fabric. Et voila:

5. I saw this head on Y!J yesterday evening. And I bought it.

6. Kanbei in fancy pajama pants.
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Did you just utter that sweet, beautiful and forbidden word, "Digital SLR".

It has been plaguing my mind for ages... and I have been madly browsing through dpreview and other such websites that would give my mind some peace. LOL. I want one. Badly. 0_0

What do you suggest? I am all for the Canon range and I have been particularly drawn by the 30D. ^_^

Oh, wow, I have NO idea . . . my colleague's camera is so far out of my league that I was almost afraid to touch it! He's an excellent photographer, though, and here's what he told me: he was seriously considering the Canon 20D when it was first released (and I suppose the newest-best would now be the 30D, right?). But as soon as he heard that Nikon was releasing a digital SLR, he moved heaven and earth to get one--even to the point of refreshing the Best Buy website multiple times a day, so he could pounce on the camera as soon as it showed up on the site. He's a Nikon loyalist from way back, though, so that would make a difference in his decision.

You know who (I think) knows about Canon digital SLRs? Nikita, who mods on DoA.

my faith in humanity has been SLIGHTLY restored by those kids thanking you. really. that's awesome. and the flowers are beautiful.

that head really is neat. he looks like a boy.

glad you put the picture of Kanbei last, otherwise my comment here would be much less eloquent and filled with things like "grabby hands" and DROOL and GIMME.

Wasn't that nice of the newspaper kids? I was so touched. And they included an adorable note about the Symbolic Meaning of Purple Flowers, which is much more extensive than I would ever have expected . . .

You had a busy day!
1. Cool Flowers
2. Yay for Pen and Simon Elias!
3. LOL. I too lust for the Digital SLR...
4. Boxer room is good.
5. Still think he looks CH-like. ^_^
6. Leeda is drooling again...

5. He certainly does! Only grumpier. I think he's even grumpier than the original Han I lust after so much, and that's saying something.

6. Uh-oh. I'm worried that the acid in the drool will ruin the enamel on her fangs . . .

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Congrats on the contest! W00t! i will have to look at the magazine closer. :)

I'm still giggling over that--jeez, if I'd actually thought someone would LIKE that picture, I would have smoothed down the flyaways on their wigs, and done something about the weird patch of light on the top of Simon's head.

I am really happy with their poses, though.

Keahi: ::::walks into the room::::

::::throws confetti for Aunty Sedens::::: Yay....

Oh, wheeeeee! Thank you, Keahi, you cute thing, you! *popping one of those plastic champagne-bottle thingies with the confetti inside, to be sociable*

wow! I love that head! Awesome!

I never thought I'd wind up buying a bodiless head, but this one started talking to me and wouldn't shut up. Now I just hope it doesn't turn out to be full of air bubbles or lopsided or patchy-colored or . . .

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Agh. You really don't want me to get off this couch and go to work this morning, do you?

Also, it's keiko_kirin!!! I've spent--wow, it must be ten-- years readlurking on LJ and in various fanfic ripples (can't quite call them circles when you never surface to identify yourself). Keiko's writing makes me happy.

Since diving into the dolls, I've lost that rhythm of checking certain LJs and websites regularly. Though I can't help noticing some overlap in the two groups, which also makes me happy for no good reason.

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