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The Brave-Swift-Impetuous-Male

Susa-no-o no Mikoto, god of storms and the sea. Mama's boy, layabout, thrower of truly spectacular temper tantrums. Unpredictably kind and open-handed, when the mood strikes. Trouble with a capital T, as they say.

Yes, I think so.

This is the Domuya D-One 60 regular body in light tan. I was in distress over the resin match this morning, but I dunno . . . as the day wore on, I got more used to the way the Ryu head looks on the body. My camera certainly isn't picking up the mismatch that I see in person. I still think we could use some body blushing to even out the two resin tones, and there's a major issue with the way the head sits on the short Domuya neck, but it's all fixable.

Get a load of the biceps!

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