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The Brave-Swift-Impetuous-Male
Susa-no-o no Mikoto, god of storms and the sea. Mama's boy, layabout, thrower of truly spectacular temper tantrums. Unpredictably kind and open-handed, when the mood strikes. Trouble with a capital T, as they say.

Yes, I think so.

This is the Domuya D-One 60 regular body in light tan. I was in distress over the resin match this morning, but I dunno . . . as the day wore on, I got more used to the way the Ryu head looks on the body. My camera certainly isn't picking up the mismatch that I see in person. I still think we could use some body blushing to even out the two resin tones, and there's a major issue with the way the head sits on the short Domuya neck, but it's all fixable.

Get a load of the biceps!

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He does have a body!! He better be nice to Kit or Jessie will she what she can bribe the gorgeous twin with to take care of him. We are both sure she could handle him. You have described him quite aptly (I think that is the word I want to use here.) I just love his feather wig on him - I dare not call him feather head now. I don't think he would like that. He should have an eagle claw around his neck or are those feathers from some beastly feathered dragon ancestor

I don't know . . . he's already convinced Sister to let him use HER sword (that's the one he has here). I think she went over to the enemy's side without a fight. ;-)

And I do believe those are dragon feathers--or whatever the prehistoric ancestors of dragons were!

Hey, I'm way behind on email again, but do hold that Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon for me, if you don't mind. I'm planning to stop there for the wedding present on my way home Thursday.

I think he looks great. I don't see any mismatch at all!

It does show in person, but I'm SO happy that the camera doesn't catch it! Now, to tackle the neck thing . . . I wish I were handier with modding. *putting on a determined face*

wowo what a mouth! Very handsome. I really do not notice a color difference.
I like the arms on this body. How does it stand?

It stands really well! The wind was blowing fairly hard this evening, but once I got him balanced, he didn't budge. Other than the neck length (I'll stop whining about the resin mismatch, since it honestly doesn't show up in pictures), this is a super body. Reasonably priced, too.

I think Domuya has a good 'un here, yup. (Though why they make the neck so blasted short is a mystery to me.)

Heeeeeeeyyyyy, I hear Masha congrats are in order!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!

Yes, I think I'm still stunned, it hasn't sunk in yet.

He is SO beautiful! Those eyes (True Olive?) are delicious in him. MORE, MORE indeed.

You can (in the words of my home town) see the devil in those eyes, mmmhmmm. I tried a lovely pair of violet glass with a brown inner ring on him when I put him together last night; they went well with the tan resin, and they'll be worth photographing sometime, but they didn't have this fabulous wicked glow.

I guess poor Atsumori isn't getting his True Olives back. I feel guilty about this. ;-)


Totall elegant! I really like this look!

He pretty much IS all that, isn't he? The half-open mouth and the juicy faceup just slay me--Migidoll is eeeeeeevil.

I wish this T-shirt had been short enough to show his truly magnificent belly button. I might have to take the scissors to it. And, dammit, now I have to buy still more pants, because Domuya makes THE most snake-hipped boy bodies I've ever had. I wonder if Luts Delf pants would fit him better than the SD13/CH stuff I have? Must compare measurements with those of you who have/have had Delf boys.

MAN!! That first picture is awesome and he is such a good looking guy. Thanks so much for giving me this nice eyecandy!! ^__________^

Awwww, thank you! Sunset is kind to tan resin--and my front porch is in a very good spot for catching the last light . . .

In pictures it looks like a perfect match ^-^
He is really handsome!

I find myself sitting and staring at this guy with my mouth open for looooooong stretches of time . . . he is truly amazing! I can't imagine what the BJD sculptors will come up with next, you know?

Oneesan let someone besides 'Touto-chan touch her sword? Did I read that right? Wow...

He is stunning! Now I have to put True Olive on my Gumdrops list and I'm sending YOU the bill. >:|

Hugs and hope to hear from you before you leave for your trip! ^_^

*sssssshhhh* She got all googly-eyed and handed the sword over without a peep. I think we have a biiiiiig problem here. (It must be the feathers . . . )

I think True Olive is THE most gorgeous color in the whole Gumdrops line--I wish the Eye Fairy would send me a pair in every size. Er, without the Paypal invoice. I had a pair of 16mm Dreamy Greens, but that color is just *too* piercing and unnatural for me.

I'm all squidgy and out of sorts today, but I'll e you soon!! Just can't seem to string words together today--all I'm good for is laundry.

Wow, he is GORGEOUS . . . and the feather wig is amazing on him!!

*rolls around on the floor happily*

-- A :D

Hee! He's making me do a lot of rolling and pawing the air, too . . . mrrrrrrrooooooooowwwwww

Oh my! Is he good looking! Nice hair style too! What type of wig is he wearing? It looks a bit like feather...

Thank you, Devon!! Yes, that wig is made of very fine down-feathers--I bought it from someone on DoA last year. (I can't remember the name now, but it isn't someone I see in the Marketplace often) I wish the maker would turn up again, because I would love to have more of these.

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