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Playdate with a friend
Sasha Blaze
Yesterday I visited my friend sillydogs and her Sooah, Jessie--I took Jamie the Mogwa and Something-on-a-Stick-san, here . . .

sillydogs is new to BJDs and to LJ, so please stop by and say hey, if you have a chance.

OMGGGGGGGGG, a week from today at this time I will be in the DFW airport, waiting for my flight to Japan. In the TMI department, an experienced Japan traveler I know recommended that I buy nylon nighties instead of my usual cotton PJs for the trip (quicker to dry after a wash in the hotel sink), so I'm now the reluctant owner of two hijjus little-old-lady nightgowns. One is labeled "Purity Blue," and the other is "Glamour Rose."

Maybe I'll just stay home.
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YEAH! HAve fun in Japan! How long are you going to be gone for? Will you be there for the Kyoto festivels? WOW!!! SO LUCKY!!! TAKE ZILLIONS OF PICTURES PLEASE!

Just two weeks, this trip, and I'll be in Tokyo the whole time. (I would add a frowny face, except, jeez, I'm *going to be in Tokyo for two weeks*, you know? Nothing to frown about there.) I was supposed to be in Kyoto for at least one festival, but that second half of the trip fell apart thanks to campus politics here--the organizer had been promised funding no matter how small the group was, but she didn't get it in writing. (That does deserve a :-( .)

I bought a compact camera with a 2GB memory card--pictures will be taken!

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**purity blue** **endless sniggering**

jesse looks absolutely killeriffic in that kimono. and your boy is such a hottie, wow...

I about plotzed when I got the thing home and looked at the tag. Although I think "Glamour Rose" is almost worse.

Isn't Jessie looking pretty? Those are Masterpiece Agate eyes, and I think they're faboo with her faceup.

Granny gowns. Well, they don't take up much space in the suitcase and they do dry faster. Give me one of hubby's t-shirts any day. You take such fantastic photos. Has the "Gorgeous One" seen the pictures yet? Does she know were the Emperor was yesterday. He is just too gorgeous. But, Jessie has her eyes still set on Kit. Sorry Mr. Emperor butI am sure you won't loose any sleep over this.

It's the oddest thing . . . Neechan doesn't look good with this one! I tried, yesterday, but his head sculpt is just enough further toward the realistic end of the spectrum that they don't seem to suit. So there's an arranged marriage that isn't gonna happen, I guess. ;-)

Ugh on nighties. I didn't even know the still made them. I'm such a convert to wearing big teeshirts. Though the summer I travelled in Italy I did have jammies that were some miracle fiber that dried almost as fast as it took to wring them out.

Oh yeah one of the b&b's actually did laundry, we were like in the lap of luxury the day after having non washed in the bathroom sink clothes.

I really wanted granny jammies instead of granny gowns, but Penney's only had the gowns left, and I'm out of time to shop.

The worst part is that these are would-be sexy granny gowns--deep V neckline, sleeveless, you know. Please, God, let there not be an earthquake in Tokyo while I'm there . . . I don't want to be found in the rubble of a hotel in a Purity Blue sexy-granny nylon nightie . . .

They make nightgowns out of nylon? o__o;

Or maybe you can sleep naked. :D
(I've never quite understood the naked in bed thing -- when Dave and I were first dating, I'm like, OMG, no no no. I can't deal with nakedness in bed. I'd rather sleep on the floor. ^^;; )

And I can't deal with clothedness in bed -- it's always really weird for me trying to find comfortable stuff to sleep in when I'm sharing a hotel room or visiting friends!! *hehe*

(My answer to this timeless question is . . . a 17-year-old Def Leppard concert t-shirt, which is the softest thing on Earth since it's been worn down to about one molecule of thickness, plus a pair of cotton short-shorts.)

I don't think I could bring myself to wear a "Purity Blue" granny gown, no matter what the circumstances!! @_@

However . . . OMGWHEEEEEEEEEEEEE about the trip, I'm so excited for you!!!

-- A :D

Hee! They make all sorts of things out of nylon that shouldn't be made out of nylon, and I've bought quite a few of them for this trip. The things we do in order to get down to one suitcase . . .

"rather sleep on the floor," *snorfle* . . . but I'm in the must-wear-something-to-sleep-in camp, too. It just feels too weird otherwise. (Now, my mother was exactly the opposite, so I can't blame my upbringing for this.)

Whoa, I had to do a double take - they look so real in that picture.

Both of these sculpts are SO real--and don't they look nice together? Just plop them down, and they look like they're having a cozy conversation . . .

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