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Playdate with a friend

Yesterday I visited my friend sillydogs and her Sooah, Jessie--I took Jamie the Mogwa and Something-on-a-Stick-san, here . . .

sillydogs is new to BJDs and to LJ, so please stop by and say hey, if you have a chance.

OMGGGGGGGGG, a week from today at this time I will be in the DFW airport, waiting for my flight to Japan. In the TMI department, an experienced Japan traveler I know recommended that I buy nylon nighties instead of my usual cotton PJs for the trip (quicker to dry after a wash in the hotel sink), so I'm now the reluctant owner of two hijjus little-old-lady nightgowns. One is labeled "Purity Blue," and the other is "Glamour Rose."

Maybe I'll just stay home.
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