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Joey's Second Hand Rose BJD meme
Which ones came from other owners, instead of straight from the maker? (This is in order of acquisition, because otherwise I can't keep them straight *koffkoff*.)

Claudine, from a seller on DoA. She was only my second BJD, and I was sorta petrified about making such a big purchase from an individual, but oh, my--it has been a happy, happy deal.

Shunshou, from the same DoA seller. I overpaid for him, thanks to his lovits_oto faceup, but I do love his wicked little self.

FLYNNFlynnFlynnFlynn. From DoA x flist--happened to be online at the right moment, mustered up my courage enough to pounce, and amazingly, I got my dibs in before anyone else. Do y'all know the story there? It was pacific_rin's article in FDQ, back in the spring of 2004,that made me want a BJD, and specifically a CH boy; Flynn's pictures in that article absolutely mesmerized me. And now he lives with me. Life is cool sometimes.

Sparrow the CH Unique Demian. From eBay--a total impulse purchase, since the Demian head was never one of my CH faves. As sweet and characterful as he is, I have to say that he'll probably be moving on before too long; I'm overpopulated, and have to clear a little mental space. If any of you might be jonesing for a very special Demian, LMK.

Sara Josephine the Afghan. Also from eBay, and another impulse purchase; again, one that I'm not 100% sure will be permanent. I suspect that a new faceup will make a huge difference to her, though, and that's on my list for later in the year.

Shirou the Volks Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou. Ditto eBay, ditto impulse, but boy howdy, do I ever like his grumpy little face. So far, I think he's here for the long haul.

Hilary the Sabik. From the flist. He is happily settled in the niche between my fireplace and the TV: wow, his legs are long enough for his feet to touch the floor, as he sits on one of the low stools I have for the BJDs. Now, if people would just start making clothes for these big guys!

While I'm thinking about it, I should probably include the twins' bodies (Y!J and DoA, respectively) and Jamie the Mogwa's body (DoA) in this list, too. So that means, what? 2/3 of my resin crew came in whole or in part from other owners. Friends helped me get a couple more (the second Pipos Namoo body, and the Yukinojo) from the manufacturers. Not a scam or a disaster in the bunch, though there were a few interesting moments along the way; my dolly luck has been pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

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Ahhh, I covet wee Shunshou madly, ya' know.

I had a 25-second spell of insanity earlier this evening, and almost PMmed you to trade Shunshou for your Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo . . . but I know I would regret it too much if I ever sent the little devil away.

I still kinda want a Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo, though. There's something about that faceup. GAH, we're all nuts, aren't we?

Dang....that would have been incredible.
We should do swaps for a few months.
CB has an incredible faceup, but I'm sort of tired of him.

Actually . . . I think that would be a fabulous idea! If you don't get a trade that you want, or a serious buyer, why not do a few months' visit? I could handle sending Shunshou off for a while, even though I don't think I could stand it forever--and you could get a sense of whether you're permanently or just temporarily tired of CB.

The BJD Lending Library! I've always thought that we needed one.

That might work, as I'm considering a B-el from the next preorder, whenever that is, and it would give me a chance to see if he'd work with Sadie.

I put CB just "for sale" in the header now.....I do think he needs to go, but I haven't had any interest yet.

Well, see what happens--if CB is still at your house when I get back from Japan on July 7, he would be more than welcome for a visit here.

I'm trying to decide whether to lug Shunshou along with me, or take my laptop instead, or lighten the load and leave both of them at home. Decisions, decisions. =^_^=

I'd vote laptop, that way you can surf auctions and pictures when you get bored.

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