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Joey's Second Hand Rose BJD meme

Which ones came from other owners, instead of straight from the maker? (This is in order of acquisition, because otherwise I can't keep them straight *koffkoff*.)

Claudine, from a seller on DoA. She was only my second BJD, and I was sorta petrified about making such a big purchase from an individual, but oh, my--it has been a happy, happy deal.

Shunshou, from the same DoA seller. I overpaid for him, thanks to his lovits_oto faceup, but I do love his wicked little self.

FLYNNFlynnFlynnFlynn. From DoA x flist--happened to be online at the right moment, mustered up my courage enough to pounce, and amazingly, I got my dibs in before anyone else. Do y'all know the story there? It was pacific_rin's article in FDQ, back in the spring of 2004,that made me want a BJD, and specifically a CH boy; Flynn's pictures in that article absolutely mesmerized me. And now he lives with me. Life is cool sometimes.

Sparrow the CH Unique Demian. From eBay--a total impulse purchase, since the Demian head was never one of my CH faves. As sweet and characterful as he is, I have to say that he'll probably be moving on before too long; I'm overpopulated, and have to clear a little mental space. If any of you might be jonesing for a very special Demian, LMK.

Sara Josephine the Afghan. Also from eBay, and another impulse purchase; again, one that I'm not 100% sure will be permanent. I suspect that a new faceup will make a huge difference to her, though, and that's on my list for later in the year.

Shirou the Volks Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou. Ditto eBay, ditto impulse, but boy howdy, do I ever like his grumpy little face. So far, I think he's here for the long haul.

Hilary the Sabik. From the flist. He is happily settled in the niche between my fireplace and the TV: wow, his legs are long enough for his feet to touch the floor, as he sits on one of the low stools I have for the BJDs. Now, if people would just start making clothes for these big guys!

While I'm thinking about it, I should probably include the twins' bodies (Y!J and DoA, respectively) and Jamie the Mogwa's body (DoA) in this list, too. So that means, what? 2/3 of my resin crew came in whole or in part from other owners. Friends helped me get a couple more (the second Pipos Namoo body, and the Yukinojo) from the manufacturers. Not a scam or a disaster in the bunch, though there were a few interesting moments along the way; my dolly luck has been pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.
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