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In a not-exactly-Japanese garden
Deadly Mally

His kimono, by gofuku_ohnoya; her yukata and fan, by Miwa (akakage on DoA). The fan has a verse from The Tale of Genji written on the back, in a beautiful flowing script. I suppose a samurai would take off his swords before relaxing in the garden on a summer day, but some of us didn't think about that in time.

Note to self: trying to take pictures on the east side of the house in June, after the oak trees have leafed out? Doomed.
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Ahh did you see that poshdolls was selling her head?

(Deleted comment)
It closed today.....$99

I sort of forgot it was ending today, I would have tried to get it for that.

AAARRRGGGHHHH! *I* would have tried to get it for that, despite knowing that I honestly don't need triplets.

Poshdolls? Where--on eBay?? There was one for sale on DoA this weekend, but that seller was in the US, I thought--

I suppose I really don't need quadruplets. Or even triplets.

thank-you dear for making my Sunday evening beautiful with your photos!

*sniffle* Aw, thank you! A Sunday-evening hug for you and your handsome gentlemen--

(Deleted comment)
That fan is amazing! I knew it would be nice--Miwa's attention to detail is always right on--but I wasn't expecting a handwritten poem on the reverse, that's for sure.

And I sacrificed the first blossom from my new daylilies for these pictures . . . tout pour l'art. ;-)

Lovely down to the smallest detail :)

-- A <3

Thank you, sweetie! I'm a hopeless kimono addict; at this point, I almost have enough to outfit the entire crew, and I can feel myself drifting toward upgrade mode. *eyeroll* Must . . . not . . . bid . . . on . . . rangetu . . . auctions . . .

Wonderful! You know, she just looks wicked no matter what setting she's in.

Arrrrggghhh, doesn't she just? Looking around for someone to maim, even when she's enjoying a quiet morning in the garden.


You took these for me right? (Just say yes.) Because I totally nicked them for my background.

I love the twins so much.

You bet I did! =^_^=

I'll reshoot these sometime with a tripod--I just HATE blurry pictures--because I was rushing too much on Saturday morning. *sigh* I get nervous when my neighbor's dog starts growling and trying the climb their fence . . . which is every time I step out of my house . . .

oh... the fan... the clothing... the DOLLS... omg. they are SO gorgeous. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to christen my new landscaping with a photoshoot, lolllllll!

I am a big fan of these twins. And wow, your pictures are so super clear. Great outfits too. Thanks for sharing.

Actually, there's a story here. He looks up, bemused and slightly surprised, at the carryings-on next door, wondering what eccentricity is going to happen next and makes mention of this. She, elegantly if not slightly peevishly ensconced in a state of ennui, wonders whether or not she should bother to look. She gives in. She reacts with pure indignance and disdain that such an offensive scene should manifest anywhere near her being. He sighs his not-again/I-shouldn't-have-said-anything sigh, and the sparkle of the day, as far as he's concerned, begins to dissipate.

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