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In a not-exactly-Japanese garden
Deadly Mally

His kimono, by gofuku_ohnoya; her yukata and fan, by Miwa (akakage on DoA). The fan has a verse from The Tale of Genji written on the back, in a beautiful flowing script. I suppose a samurai would take off his swords before relaxing in the garden on a summer day, but some of us didn't think about that in time.

Note to self: trying to take pictures on the east side of the house in June, after the oak trees have leafed out? Doomed.
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You bet I did! =^_^=

I'll reshoot these sometime with a tripod--I just HATE blurry pictures--because I was rushing too much on Saturday morning. *sigh* I get nervous when my neighbor's dog starts growling and trying the climb their fence . . . which is every time I step out of my house . . .

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