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Hogarth, Auden, Kallman, Stravinsky, er, Hound
Sasha Blaze
I've been lucky enough to see Stravinsky's opera The Rake's Progress twice in my life. (This is the upside of going to graduate school where and when I did, but that's another story for another day.)

The Rake's Progress, series of paintings and engravings by the brilliant 18th-century artist and social satirist William Hogarth. One version hangs in Sir John Soane's Museum in London. I was lucky enough to see that once, too.

The Rake's Progress, brilliant libretto by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman, brilliant music by Igor Stravinsky.

Brilliant Tom o' Bedlam wig by mel on DoA, which set me thinking along these lines after a thunderstorm passed through town this afternoon.

The scene: Tom Rakewell, after a long descent from adolescent stupidity to mature madness, lies in Bedlam. His true love, Anne, whom he has betrayed and deserted, comes to him there. Or perhaps he only dreams her. When he wakes, the other madmen say that no woman came to the cell.

Rejoice, beloved, in these fields of Elysium.

Space cannot alter, nor Time our love abate.

Here has no words for Absence or Estrangement,

Nor Now a notion of Almost or Too Late.

Interesting essay on the concept of time in this opera, with illustrations from Hogarth and other sources: http://www.peabodyopera.org/essays/rake99/
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Nice composition... that a cool wig too.


I got a wavy blond wig from mel in the same style, too. It just didn't look quite wispy or crazed enough for this particular idea, heh heh heh.

Absolutely brilliant. Wow, just perfectly done.

Oh, jeez. I feel this horrible ungracious compulsion to point out everything that's wrong with every one of these pictures, but I'm trying to break myself of that. So . . . awwwww, shucks, thank you!

But you can see the !&!^#%$ tag in his shirt in the first one after the cut. !@#($*!^%.

LOL, girl just take the complement. *g* We'll just say you did it on purpose, branding etc. The pic 3rd from the bottom is breathtaking.

I agree, the wig is awesome! Love the pics...but of course I am a Lyon fangirl. ^_____^

Invertebrate or not, huh? :-)


Yeah...I love the lanky so and so's. *^_^*

curious, your backdrop, did you paint that yourself?

ps, Hound <3 and I like how he just kinda of moves out of the photo...

No--I've never touched paint in my life, but in a former existence I was chair of a college art department (long story, they had big problems, it was an interesting couple of years). This is a piece from one of the faculty solo shows. I really should take a picture of it just to show everyone--it's huge (4 feet by 5 feet), and it makes a fabulous background because of all the textures and colors.

Oh...My...*sigh* I'm totally not believing this!! I adore Stravinsky...my family and part of my husband's are music "geeks!" (My husband's cousin studied opera at Peabody, and in Europe. My cousin went to Eastman and studied violin. My nephew, on my husband's side, went to Cleveland Inst. of Music for a period of time. My sister and I studied with the teacher that taught Byron Janis....and we met Byron several times.....)

I love the photos. Your beautiful hound, is he one of Anu's? I think he's one of the nicest ones I've seen. ^^ Love the wig....guess I better get on with my sewing...^^

Ah, thank you! And how funny, for you to have the Peabody connection when I posted the link to the Peabody essay . . . I love the way the world works. :-) I've been a small-time amateur music geek for most of my life (piano and bassoon, though I don't like to practice enough to be really serious about either one).

Lyon is most definitely one of Anu's, and doesn't she do the most beautiful faces ever? He's one of the Haute Doll Hounds. I was dying over the Shinsengumi Bermann, but thought I just couldn't spend that kind of money--so what do I do a year later, but spend MORE money on the Haute Hound? *shaking head at absurd self* Lyon makes me very happy, though.

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