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Home improvements
Sasha Blaze
I'm at an airport motel outside Kansas City right now, getting ready to leave for Japan verrrrrrry early in the morning. More on that as it happens! But one of several things making the past few days wilder than usual was that the workmen were all over my place, finishing up Stage Whatever-This-Is of the ongoing landscaping project. Et voila, a nice little patio, in perfect sync with my low-slung 1950s limestone ranch:

I'll work on dressing it up a bit after I get home, but for now it's wonderful to see something other than bare dirt back of the garage.

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oh that looks SO great!!! i love the stone!! eee!

The stone is fabulous--it goes so well with the limestone that the house is made of. It was fascinating to watch Gil, the stone guy, laying the patio, choosing just the right pieces to fill in the space.

There's one goofy decorative stepping stone in there, a present from one of my Colorado friends when Dad died; Rob the landscaper shuddered a little bit when I asked him to find a place for it, but in the end it turned out to have a real use (marking a valve box).

Oh oh ... I see clematis tendrilling on trellis ... a beautiful lilac scenting the evening air ... maybe a unique, slightly-dramatic but still plains-worthy sculpture ... containers with happy flowers ... a lovely pot of tea ... two cups. I'm actually sitting in the opposite chair by the garage wall in the future. About to add milk to one of the cups. That's how I can see all this. ;)

Have so much fun.

Aaaahhhh, that is indeed a baby lilac right there at the corner of the house--just waiting to grow up into a big lush lilac! Lilacs love this climate--so do Rose of Sharon, which aren't scented but do have those wonderful hibiscussy flowers. Trellis with something climbing is a good idea; I need something to shield me from the neighbors' yard (and their ADHD black Lab that hurls itself at the fence snarling and barking every time I step out of my back door).

There is definitely an umbrella in the future of this patio, the better to enjoy tea under! And I have a wonderful chunky big pot that needs something planted in it when I'm home to water daily.

Email coming, BTW, since I didn't get a chance to answer yours last night or this morning!

Awwwww, YAY!! It looks lovely, and I hope you enjoy it very much :>

And I hope you have an AMAZING time in Japan, EEEEEEE, OMG, I'm so excited for you!!


-- A :D

HUGE *glomphugs* back--you hang in there, sweetie, and give your dad an extra glomp for me.

Any particular requests while I'm at the Volks store(s) in Tokyo?? Any older stuff to look for specially in the clearance bins?

Oh, bless your heart!! I didn't get this right away, so I've probably missed you . . . but thank you so much for thinking of me! <3

-- A ^_^

It looks wonderful! MARGARITA NIGHT AT CYNTHIA'S, y'all - I'll bring the triple sec and the Hawaiian shirt party lights! And a big honkin' pineapple centerpiece, natch.

Enjoy your trip, we'll keep the patio warm for you! (And how fantastic is it that you'll be able to come home to this? Neat!)

errrrrrrrr, go in the kitchen door, there's a bottle of cachaca for making mojitos in the cupboard above the fridge . . . and probably a bottle of triple sec too . . .

Annoy my neighbors a LOT, y'all! If you blow a fuse with the Hawaiian shirt lights, call Schumann Electric, they're the best in town.


Cool ... I'll bring the salt and my stash of Tiki Yard Lights perfectly in keeping with this themed extravaganza!! Oh, and ritalin for the lab. ;)

I like the architecture. The skin of the place. I always love houses made with stone. And the patio is awesome with the stone paving as well. And you've done what is on my 'to do' list this summer. Define areas around the house with rock and plant strategically. Thanks for sharing these and have an AWESOME trip to Japan. I so look forward to your reports!! ^________^

Ooooo, thank you! I love my house so much--it's an awful money pit, but it has pots of charm and personality and quirkiness. The limestone came from a quarry in the next county over, just a few miles from where I live, so it's a house that was truly built from the prairie.

I wish I could pack up my landscaper and send him to you! He's very good at what he does; I'm thrilled that I stumbled across him at a local home & garden show.

Oh, C! That looks utterly delightful!!! Can't wait to see more pix and your vision of "dressing it up."

Have fun for whatever adventures you're off on now!

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