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Home improvements
Sasha Blaze
I'm at an airport motel outside Kansas City right now, getting ready to leave for Japan verrrrrrry early in the morning. More on that as it happens! But one of several things making the past few days wilder than usual was that the workmen were all over my place, finishing up Stage Whatever-This-Is of the ongoing landscaping project. Et voila, a nice little patio, in perfect sync with my low-slung 1950s limestone ranch:

I'll work on dressing it up a bit after I get home, but for now it's wonderful to see something other than bare dirt back of the garage.

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Ooooo, thank you! I love my house so much--it's an awful money pit, but it has pots of charm and personality and quirkiness. The limestone came from a quarry in the next county over, just a few miles from where I live, so it's a house that was truly built from the prairie.

I wish I could pack up my landscaper and send him to you! He's very good at what he does; I'm thrilled that I stumbled across him at a local home & garden show.

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