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Local color (mostly green)
Out and about in the streets of Musashisakai, around the Hotel Mets.

The temple around the corner:

Marker in front of the temple:

Statue of Kannon-In just inside the temple wall:

Bicycle parking lot, of which there are many:

Picturesque flower shop, just because it was there:

And finally, hydrangeas on the campus of International Christian University, where our seminar classes meet:

Yesterday was a more eventful day than it was supposed to be; for a number of coincidental reasons, all preventable but none fatal, I found myself separated from the rest of the seminar group no fewer than three times. Since the afternoon's activity was an outing to Harajuku to see the Lolis and Ko-Gyaru and FRUiTs kids promenading, this wasn't ideal. But the good news is that I learned that I can navigate the Tokyo rail system on my own, with a little wasted money on tickets and occasional help from the highly efficient and sometimes even kind Japan Rail men in the glass booths. (Not that I had huge doubts, but it's always nice to find out for sure.) And the other thing I learned is that Cassiel's photo directions to the Shinjuku and Harajuku Volks stores are absolutely foolproof.

Besides the gorgeous one-offs in the Volks stores (!!), I saw a few Lolis, two real and two wannabe Ko-Gals, a couple of girls dressed like particularly staid Japanese grannies circa 1925, and the highlight of the day: a young woman in full mid-Victorian mourning dress. She wasn't in Harajuku with the others, or trotting around with a posse (as the kids on parade tended to be). She was leaning casually against a traffic barrier outside Shinjuku Station, all by herself, listening to the speechifying of three extremely well-dressed Communists in a loudspeaker van. I was too bashful to take her picture, since she was very much not calling attention to herself (again, unlike the Harajuku kids). In hindsight, I should have crossed the street and taken the shot from a distance, but at the time I was too busy trying not to get run down by cars, bicycles, or other pedestrians. By the time I got to Harajuku and found the kids who did want their pictures taken, it was (as the English say) pissing down rain, and finding the Volks Sumika seemed more appealing. There's always next Sunday afternoon!

Today was only a half-day of lectures; I'm washing out clothes in the bathroom sink before going out again to browse the little shops and the big department store in the neighborhood. Or possibly taking a nap, because I still haven't had a full night's sleep, and I'm starting to feel it. Tomorrow will be another big day: morning lecture, early afternoon visit to the Ginza, late afternoon kabuki performance.

That nap is sounding better and better.

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Wow everything is gorgeous, i want to go into that little flower shop and look around :) I'm glad you were able to find your way around Tokyo, it sounds scary..lol...
Thank you for the wonderful pics and hope you are having a great time!

I am loving these so much!!! Haven't really been responding, more just parasitically drinking it in. :) LOVING it.

When I look at the pic of the bicycle parking lot, all I can think is that if I were there, I'd somehow become entangled and fall down, setting off a horrible chain reaction. Then I'd be in traction and need flowers from that florist!

Keep having fun, I'm so proud of you for gallivanting around on your own without the tour group!

i just LOVE these updates!! they are so awesome!! I wish you had snitched a pic of your widow too.....

awesome. I absolutely LOVE the pic of all the bicycles, how cool is THAT??!?!?!? more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh, so beautiful!
The bike parking lot just tickles me, and the hydrangeas are so pretty!
Glad you are having fun!


Sounds so AWESOME!

You should take pictures though... I know it sounds weird, but I think even in those circumstances, I think they do want their pictures taken. But it's hard to say. I understand the hestiation. Wow... I am so jealous. JEALOUS! I want to go to Japan so bad. ;___;

Have fun for all of us and take millions of pictures! Everything looks so wonderful. AH! ONE OFFS! EEK!

Beautiful architectural moments. Bike parking lots with numbered locations (filled with bikes, even) ... something you really don't see much of here in the land of Park & Rides. Vased flowers in the shrine - are they always kept fresh? I just love the attention to details that indicate a perpetuation of meaning and value. And, hey, hydrangeas to accompany the farm fields! Hydrangeas I know.

I'm so excited for you ... and thank you so much for taking the time to share these with us along the way.

I am SOOO proud of you!!

I knew you could do it! Loving the pictures!! Sleep just enough to get by and catch up on that when you come back. After all, how many chances do you get to go to Japan. You will have about a 12 hour flight coming back, sleep then.

I am recovering nicely. Barking orders, trying to do things myself, because others just don't do it right. I also ordered R, W & VB. I found one at a price I was happy with. She'll probably be here by the next time I see you. Now I can use those patterns too.

So very glad you are enjoying yourself!! Keep it up. Hugs from Jessie too.

Awesome. I'm loving the updates!

Thank you for sharing your adventures thus far . . . I love hearing about the things that people do on their trips to Japan and also love to SEE the lovely images that strike your fancy and you decide to take with your camera. Wonderful photos girl!! Take care and have fun!! ^_________^

Ooohhhh, I want to hear all about the shallow fashion details! ^_^



-- A <3

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