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Temple cemetery, Kabuki-za, Ghibli Museum. Et cetera.

I'm scrambling to get around for the day, so the explanation here will be minimal . . . I'll catch up later, or try to . . .

Some shots from the temple of Kannon-In that's right around the corner from the hotel here:

(Some cheerful eclecticism going on here: it's a Buddhist temple, but the sheaves are pretty darn Shinto.)

(temple cemetery)

On the ICU campus, which is stunningly beautiful:

Switching gears, here is the front of the Kabuki-za (theater); no pictures allowed inside, darn it.

Outside the Studio Ghibli Museum (also no pictures allowed inside):

A side note: you know that peaceful farm country where the family goes to stay in Totoro? That's Mitaka--now thoroughly urbanized, and in fact the general area where I'm staying right now. But there are still pockets of green space out here on the western edge of the Tokyo conurbation: riding the bus, I've seen small orchards and not-so-small vineyards holding their own alongside heavy residential and commercial development. (And wine from those Musashino vineyards for sale in the local liquor store, too.) Also, our lecturer yesterday said that along the Chuuo railway line--again, this area--is where most of the anime studios are located.

And back home in Musashisakai, at the Kondo Flower Shop:

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