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Home again

There's so much of my stay in Japan to catch up on--the last couple of days of the seminar were busy-busy, and then once I moved to the hotel in Shinagawa, I only had an Internet-cafe connection, *sniffle*. But I'm home now, and the pictures I wanted to post over the past week are ready and waiting--so after a little breather to deal with the jet lag, I'll go back and bring you all up to date. I had such a wonderful time--I can't even begin to describe it all, so I'll just say, if you haven't been to Japan and are at all inclined to travel, go. Absolutely go.

Oh. Make that a breather to deal with the jet lag and to satisfy Miss Claudine's curiosity . . .

CLAUDINE (poking experimentally): So what is this, anyway?

ME: It's the 1000-yen wheelie bag that I bought from the old guy in Asakusa. Kawaii, desu ne?

CLAUDINE: I hope a thousand yen was cheaper than it sounds. That's all I have to say. Um, why is it so huge?

ME: Actually, it's a very nice compact carry-on size.

CLAUDINE: Huh. It's bigger than I am. . . . OMFG, you didn't buy another person, did you? There are so many people here already that I can't remember all their names. I bet you went and bought another person, that's what I bet you did.

CLAUDINE: Well? Are you going to open this thing and let me see who's in there?

ME: There is not a BJD in that bag, Claudine. Okay, I did buy a 1/6 girl, but I don't think she counts as a person in your cosmology.

CLAUDINE: 'Scuse me? I'm just a doll, I don't do big words.

ME (resigned): No. Person.

CLAUDINE: Oooooooo, then you mean it's all presents? For me? Is it clothes and shoes and cool stuff?

ME: Presents for our friends, Claudine. That's what friends do--they get presents for each other when they go to fun places.

CLAUDINE: Oooooo! It was so nice of you to bring me this huge ugly bag full of presents from Japan! Come on, come on, come on, open it up and let me see what I got!

(to be continued . . .)
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