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Pretend it's June 29.

Had this been an actual post, you would have seen pictures of the following sort:

Random schoolgirl in Musashisakai, just because she happened to be walking by:

FINALLY, A PICTURE OF ONE OF THE BLASTED TOKYO CROWS!! Blurry, yes, but nevertheless a triumph of human persistence over avian cunning:

Tokyo crows are indeed that big. I've read stories about them swooping down on innocent bicyclists and clawing bloody troughs in the poor guys' heads, just for the hell of it. My experience so far has been that the crows spend a lot of time making fun of humans--you can hear it in their voices--which is pretty ungrateful considering how much free food and entertainment they get from us.

So, you're walking up Omotesando, counting Paris/Milan fashion-house shopfronts (lots) and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright outfits (actually not all that many), and whoops, there's a shrine.

Yesterday--that is, June 28--the seminar group went to Ueno, walked through the park, and visited the Tokyo National Museum. On the way to the museum is the Black Gate of the Ishida family (built specially for the shogun's occasional official visits):

Some days the gate is open for visitors, but alas, not the day we were there. Another time!

The National Museum, here because I love (a) the umbrella bin and (b) the funky tree in the center:

And then in Ueno Park there is the shrine to Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Bits and pieces from the shrine:

Just a short walk away, of course, is this cityscape:

The next set of pictures will be . . . food!
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