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Pretend it's June 30.

I'll go back and catch up on all comments once I have the last of the Japan pictures posted--but I want to get those pinned down before I start losing track of what happened when.

Saturday at Kamakura in the summer = hot, wet, and crowded. (However, roasted ginkgo nuts as sold from stalls on the way to the temple = yummy.)

Before I get to the pictures of Kamakura, though, I think I remember a promise of food . . .

Food of the inedible variety, in a restaurant window in Harajuku:

Various people's lunches in Kamakura:

Approaching the shrine of Hachiman-gu:

Young women enjoying a traditional Japanese summer day:

All these people were registered at the shrine, and had come for a special blessing. The tourists were chivvied away in short order.

See the shrine maidens and priests under the white tent?

And then it started to pour . . .

But it cleared up for a few minutes while we were visiting the Daibutsu. I especially liked him from this angle:

I had promised a friend of mine here that I would climb up and look through the Daibutsu's eyes, but the line was so long that I didn't make it (our group was hurrying to get back to Musashisakai before the train line shut down for construction). Yet another reason why I absolutely have to go back, ne?
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