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The last of the pictures from Japan
Deadly Mally

These are from my solitary wanderings after the seminar ended on July 1. I didn't whip out the camera as often when I was on my own, partly because it was pouring most of the time. But here are a few last bits and pieces:

Akihabara, looking just the way you'd expect:

Tanuki shrine near Sensoji, the great temple of Asakusa (I absolutely loved the energy and relatively relaxed attitude of Asakusa--I want to spend more time puttering around the side streets someday):

I was having some tanuki synchronicity while I was in Tokyo; the evening before I went to Asakusa and happened across this shrine, I watched a TV news story about a litter of abandoned tanuki pups that had been found in a storm drain, rescued by city workers, and taken to a zoo where they were happily thriving. Soooooo cute (but then, I think raccoons are adorable, nuisances though they are). (Here's a full-grown tanuki: http://www.uf.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hokuen/gallery/tanuki.jpg)

The other end of the tanuki shrine's yard:

Little area close to Sensoji:

Side shrine:

Entry to Asakusa shopping arcade:

And the last picture I took in Japan, from the bus on the way to the airport:

The Bless Us All chapel. Seemed like a nice sendoff, you know?

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Really nice shots. Thanks for sharing them.

I still feel all sniffly that I've come to the end of the pictures! Waaaaaah.

Me too! :( The last picture from the bus makes me so sad.

But ooooh. The "Little area close to Sensoji" - absolutely lovely.

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