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Behind the high school, between classes
The senior class president texts his girlfriends . . .

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Heeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Love it!

-- A :D

I should have asked everyone to suggest a logical number of girlfriends for Sempai here, huh? ^_^

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

-- A ;)

Oh that's just perfect. Well done. He does look like the love em all kinda guy. *g*

I read waaaaaaaay too much shoujo manga--real high-school seniors DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS. ;-)

? Is this a different Ryu? He looks so much softer here!

Also gjagjgpghghghgakam LOVEpretty.

Noooooop, that's our Susa--but he's in disguise, with softer aqua eyes instead of the piercing green ones and with the big soft wig instead of his crow feathers. I was planning to put this wig up for sale, but . . . I guess not.

Well, I've seen firsthand how a wig can make this head look like a completely different doll (in one of my posts, more than one person asked if he was two different dolls) - but even the *paint* looks different here. Amazing. Yeah, hang onto that wig, for sure.

And ooh! Are you loving your patio?!

You know, part of the difference is the light--I took these outside at about 8:30 yesterday evening, just before dusk.

Oooooo, YES, I love my patio like crazy! But of course it's now 100 degrees here, and too miserable to sit outside except between midnight and 2 a.m. *sigh* (Also, the backyard fauna are quite unhappy with me for intruding on their personal space--a squirrel barked and snorted at me for ten solid minutes the other day, when I was eating breakfast on the patio. At first I thought it had West Nile virus or something, but then I realized that it was just hopping mad.)

wow, that wig is fantastic on him!

Isn't it just? It's been sitting in my wig box for ages--too streaky for me, I thought--but when I put it on him, ooooooooooooweee. I guess it's staying.

I don't remember the Senior class Presidents looking as good as Ryu when I was in high school. *laughs*

Love this!! ^_______^

Ain't that the truth??!!! And I see them now when they're college freshmen--they *definitely* don't look like this. Three cheers for shoujo manga and its high-school fantasies!!

I love your photography skills

(((((hugs))))) I delete at least 15 shots for every one that's halfway decent!

Oh Lord, his lips!!!

What head is he?

This faceup absolutely slays me! It's so . . . juicy. He's a Ryu head (tan) from Migidoll, and Migidoll did the faceup--I snagged the head on eBay, and bought a light tan Domuya Regular body to go with it. Not a bad match at all, especially in pictures.

He's beyond hunky - love the phone and the tie! I am, however, terribly biases against class presidents...

So am I! But this rich little hottie would refuse to be anything else . . . "president of the tennis club" just doesn't have the same ring on university application forms.

Well, of course he's popular with the girls! He's a knockout, knows he makes an impression (and is clearly comfortable with that) and has a look of intelligence that saves him from being thought too egotistical.

I definitely think that wig needs to remain out of the box. The streaks suit him. (can he program my number into his phone?)

Ahhhhh, can you help him get into Todai? That's the question. ;-)

His thumbs are going to get all cramped up! I will bet he has TONS of girlfriends to text.
He is so cute and President too! My HS class president did not look anything like that at all!

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