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Special boy in need of new home
I posted my CH Unique Demian for sale on DoA this afternoon; he is so beautiful and unusual, and he deserves a lot more attention than he ever gets around here. Full details are in the thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=154439. If you're seriously interested but have questions or want to make an offer, PM or email me, and we can talk.



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I think he's GORGEOUS! Good luck with your sale!! ^_____________^

Thank you!! He really is a beauty, and he makes me feel SO guilty because I've just never found a way to fit him into my mental BJD landscape. *sigh* I wish I could find someone who wants a little prince to put on a pedestal (so to speak) and worship.

Oh, Cynthia. He is so beautiful and soulful. I know he doesn't 'fit in' for you and that I've only ever seen a few pictures of him, but I'm going to miss seeing this darling among your flock. (am I making you feel guiltier?)

I could not possibly feel more guilty than that melancholy little face already makes me look! If I don't get any nibbles at all, I'll give up and keep him, in the spirit of curatorship--figuring that evidently I was supposed to be this CH rarity's guardian for the duration. But I would honestly love for him to go to someone who would swoon over him every day and think he's the most beautiful doll ever made. *sigh*

Please do not tempt me. I am not really one for boys, but he looks so much like Soye's brother ...

He honestly does . . . and he's such a sweetie, poor lonely guy. Think it over, and email me if you think you might be interested, because there's plenty of negotiating room in the price I quoted on DoA--

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