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Saturday blither

The sun is shining, but it's thundering.

The hotbed of Angst, Drama, Resentment, and Funnel Cakes that is the county fair has descended on my little town. [mixed metaphor, ook!] I took my Open Class entries to the exhibit building this morning and was verbally whapped by one of the knitting-class superintendents, but had a fun reunion with my basketmaking buddies when I went over to that table. Feelings do run high in the knitting section; I've noticed that before. (But I gather the real backstabbing happens in the canning and photography classes. *shiver*) What I entered: my big two-handled picnic basket, a BJD Icelandic, and a striped cardigan that I knitted for myself. I didn't get organized enough to have any of my photographs printed and matted this year, though I wish I had; it wouldn't have won anything, but I would have enjoyed entering one of those portraits of Mally Lee in her Regency negligee. Still, there's always next year!

The Unique Demian will soon have a wonderful new home (including another Demian to hang out with), if all goes according to plan. Much relief here, and he can stop looking at me reproachfully anytime now. ;-)

Hearty applause for everyone who's name-checked and/or bylined in the latest issue of FDQ! I just finished leafing through my copy, and enjoyed it a lot. (That doesn't stop me from wanting to proofread it, but that thar do be an occupational hazard.)

Saturday evening: back to add a picture of Jamie the Mogwa just because I think he's so cute. And now I'm a little sorry I sold these teal Gumdrops eyes, though I liked them much less in person than I do in this picture.

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