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Saturday blither
Sasha Blaze
The sun is shining, but it's thundering.

The hotbed of Angst, Drama, Resentment, and Funnel Cakes that is the county fair has descended on my little town. [mixed metaphor, ook!] I took my Open Class entries to the exhibit building this morning and was verbally whapped by one of the knitting-class superintendents, but had a fun reunion with my basketmaking buddies when I went over to that table. Feelings do run high in the knitting section; I've noticed that before. (But I gather the real backstabbing happens in the canning and photography classes. *shiver*) What I entered: my big two-handled picnic basket, a BJD Icelandic, and a striped cardigan that I knitted for myself. I didn't get organized enough to have any of my photographs printed and matted this year, though I wish I had; it wouldn't have won anything, but I would have enjoyed entering one of those portraits of Mally Lee in her Regency negligee. Still, there's always next year!

The Unique Demian will soon have a wonderful new home (including another Demian to hang out with), if all goes according to plan. Much relief here, and he can stop looking at me reproachfully anytime now. ;-)

Hearty applause for everyone who's name-checked and/or bylined in the latest issue of FDQ! I just finished leafing through my copy, and enjoyed it a lot. (That doesn't stop me from wanting to proofread it, but that thar do be an occupational hazard.)

Saturday evening: back to add a picture of Jamie the Mogwa just because I think he's so cute. And now I'm a little sorry I sold these teal Gumdrops eyes, though I liked them much less in person than I do in this picture.


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I laughed: "The hotbed of Angst, Drama, Resentment, and Funnel Cakes that is the county fair has descended on my little town."

I'm astounded that backstabbing occurs at these types of events. Heavens!

Seems like county fairs exist everywhere but Texas. D: I would love to experience one of these dramafests firsthand! Do you have pictures of what you made? Because I would love to see!

Yay! I'm glad your Demian found a new home. :D That's always great news to hear a little one being lovingly adopted.

PS - I still owe a response to your comment in my LJ. Please don't think I'm ignoring you! In the mean time, would you care to share what are your favorite Lush items? I convinced my aunt to place an order, and I'm going to jump onto it for goodies that I missed. ^__^

Oh, ptooey, you don't owe any kind of response at all! I just want you to be okay--that's the only thing that matters.

And my idea of Lush heaven is to have them offer their entire line of shower products in the Figs & Leaves scent . . . but I manage to survive with just the soap. ;-) They used to sell a banana soap that worked on me like catnip, but alas, no more. *sniffle* The friend who put me onto Lush in the first place adores their Buttercreams, but I like the Shower Jellies better--it's all about which texture, er, floats your boat. The Olive Branch shower gel is nice, too. (Looking at their website, I see a ton of products that weren't there the last time I ordered! That's one thing about Lush--they don't keep many scents around for long, which is hard on product-loyal types.)

I'll take pictures of my fair entries when I get them back next weekend--and we'll see whether there are any ribbons attached! I've been cleaning up in the knitting class for the past few years, but, as in baseball, the streak could end at any time. ;-)

i love to see the artistic projects at our fair..and the landscaping displays,even tho i live cooped up in an apartment,soem of the displays are apt. size heehee
good luck on the ribbon/judging

Oh, myyyyyyyyy--this county's fair isn't big enough to have real landscaping displays, but what a cool idea!!! I really enjoyed the open class exhibits at the fair when I lived in Colorado; it was a bigger, more populated county than this one, and the fair was more exciting in proportion.

Verbally whapped??!? What in the world for??

Good luck on your fair entries . . . and, mmm, funnel cake <3

-- A ^_^

Eyah, that superintendent was taking pleasure in refusing to accept entries that she didn't approve of (even if the other superintendent had already okayed them). She really hurt one woman's feelings by rejecting a felted hat, and not being one bit nice about it, either. Since I had a BJD sweater to enter already, she sent me away with a flea in my ear for daring to try to enter a BJD vest, too. Er, there are separate garment categories for sweaters and vests, but whatEVER. *eyeroll*

Yup, funnel cake is Of The Good. Though I think I liked the Navajo tacos at the fair out in Colorado even better!


I've been known to call such people "petty tinpot dictators" right to their faces ;)

Navajo tacos? My curiosity is piqued!

-- A <3

Oooo. Mmmmmm. Navajo taco = a round piece of fried bread dough with all the usual taco toppings on it. I do so love fried dough . . .

Kind of like "Nachos Grande" with a plate-sized piece of fry-bread replacing the tortilla chips. Heaven.

You said it. *large wallowy sigh of fried-dough love*

Ummm, county fair, lol! My favorite event (besides all the fun displays and such) is the wine tasting ;) Nothing like getting the best of the best for a dollar a glass!

Jamie is so cute! Those are pretty eyes, remind me of the Volks FCS in that color. And congrats on selling the Demian. Selling our dolls also can end up in a hotbed...

Oooooo, now see, that's the huge advantage of living in California! No winetasting at the county fair here, *sigh*. Though I do believe the Kansas winemakers exhibit at the state fair--such as they are--


And isn't that the truth, about selling dolls. I've been so lucky; so far, the ones I've decided to sell have gone quickly, or else I had people who I already knew were interested in them.

You made me start thinking--do you know, even after being in BJDs since 2004, I've still never seen Zoukeimura eyes in person (as far as I know, anyway)? There weren't any on display at the Sumikas I visited in Tokyo, and since I wasn't doing FCS, I didn't think I should ask to see them. There's a life goal: See Zoukeimuras!

Well then, you have two reasons to visit Southern California! LA County Fair is the big one when it comes to the wine tasting, the best of the best is served there. Orange County has wine tasting but I don't know if they get the expensive stuff.

And Volks so you can sit down and just look at the FCS stuff. They are very cool about explaining things and pulling out the parts and trying them in different things. They have a whole tray of Zouks there. *wonders if it would fit under my coat, naw*

(Deleted comment)
CherryStreet~Sera did his faceup, and I absolutely love it! The blank head looked more devilish than I expected, so I asked her to sweeten him up a little for me. ;-)

We'll see what happens at the fair . . . well, actually, it's already happened, because the judging was yesterday, but I'm much too lazy to make another trip over there in this heat to see the results. I'll find out when I pick up my stuff on Friday.

Good luck on the contests! I hope you win something. Your knitting really is fab. Love to see pictures of your entries.

Hey, Cynthia, do me a favor... send me an email if you have any suggestions after you read the articles I wrote for FDQ. Things you think I should improve on or keep in mind for the future. I get no feedback and the editors like my stuff, but it would help me tremendously to hear what you think. You don't have to get me on the grammar (that went through a few other people) but mostly on other things if you can.

Thanks! :)

This is going to sound gooshy, but I was thinking after I read your accessories article that I *really* liked its structure--I tend not to read the titles or bylines on magazine articles, so I had to look back and see who wrote that one! I was so happy to see that it was yours. The opening and closing sentences are so light and funny, and the information in the body of the article is put together very well, too. (Now I'll have to look at the magazine again and see which other article is yours--I thought all of them were good this time, but your accessories one stood out for me.)

The Vitta Veraa interview is mine and it's OLD. OLD OLD OLD!!! So old I don't even remember writing it. Seriously. It might very well be crap. Which is why I am worries about the grammar aspect of it. I can't remember if my good friend Lauren edited it before I sent it to the magazine or not.

I know Doll Reader was complaining on one of my articles (ABC of BJD) that the article I wrote was very dry. I know the accessories might have been that way too because again... I am jamming tons of information into a small space. But then again, I am not a fluffy person when I talk (at least I don't think so... maybe I am... I guess I would have to ask my friends around me). But yeah, if you see anything, let me know. And if there are more questions you'd like to know about artists, let me know too. I am always open to rearranging my interviews.

Definitely a bright eyed beauty there . . . love your little guy's impish smile!! ^______~

His smile gets me every time--usually I don't like BJDs with definite expressions (I like the more ambiguous faces), but I just couldn't resist this head when Ninodoll released it.

Your boy is beautiful!!! :D
I love his eyes and his mouth, such a delicate sculpt. Who is he?

So's yours! ^_^

Jamie is one of the recent Ninodoll heads, a Mogwa, on the Ushiwakamaru body. His sister, a Ninodoll UM.PYO, is on the way--I have a swarrico body here for her, and I'm just trying to get a faceup slot lined up. I do love Ninodoll's sculpting! So much personality.

He is very cute I love those eyes. They photograph so well.
Sorry about the fair. I am so happy your guy found a home AND another Demian too, I was tempted.
MMM funnel cake ... fried goodness with sugar ....

That's what irritated me about those eyes, enough that I sold them--they photographed beautifully, but in person they were so bright they looked eerie. I wonder if Mystic Sea Water would be a little more to my taste?

But you have the dreamboat of all dreamboats! Helen's not the only HM beauty I'm going to kidnap when I break into your house . . .

What is it about fairs? My grandmother always entered the local fair (northern Utah) with her knitting and crochet work. Separate categories. She always blew everyone out of the water with both. So one year, she enters a freaking HUGE crocheted table cloth with some of the most intricate crochet work I've ever seen. It's amazing. I still have it. It probably could have won anywhere in the world. But it didn't win at her fair. Why? For shame for shame, she chose to make it ecru rather than white, which the judge found soooo declasse ("pity to have spoiled such a nice piece"). That poor woman agonised over that pettiness for decades (which in itself is rather petty). Yay county fairs: Where Ego is Always on the Line.

But funnel cake is my reason for going. ;)

Jamie is the poster child for guileless charm. And I'm so waiting to see him with his sister. Have to squee that his cousin is winging his way home as we type! ;)

How I do feel your grandmother's pain! I learned after some frustration (because things were very different when I lived in Colorado and entered knitting in the county fair) that the knitting judge here just doesn't "get" lace. I entered heirloom-quality shawls for two years in a row, and for two years in a row she passed them over in favor of acrylic Aran sweaters. So I got a clue, and quit entering shawls--much healthier for the blood pressure of everyone concerned.

It's going to be a Ninodoll herd!! ;)

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