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Wail, hail.

As we say in the native accent of southeast Kansas.

See, I've been happily waiting for an Um.Pyo head from Ninodoll, to be Jamie the Mogwa's junior-high-school-aged sister. I bought a swarrico body for her (love the swarrico body). I bought an Ospirit outfit for her (love Ospirit). I made arrangements for a faceup for her (v. excited about this).

Today the package arrives from Sienna, prompt and carefully swaddled and padded with a bag of Korean caramel corn snack. (Love Sienna.)

The head is perfectly adorable, and the family resemblance to Mogwa is just what I hoped.

The head is quite startlingly small.

No, it isn't MSD-size small, but it's too small to fit on any neck I would define as SD-sized. (With the probable exception of CH old bodies, but I'm not disassembling either Nessa or Claudine to try it, because (a) I don't want to take them apart, and (b) I'm not going to buy another body, dammit.)

Just for laughs, I'll get pictures tomorrow morning of the utter disappointment that was the Um.Pyo head attached to the swarrico body. Oneesan refuses to allow me to photograph the ludicrous mistake that was the Um.Pyo head attached to her SD13 body.

Ninodoll's website is absolutely certain that Um.Pyo is an SD-sized head. The head I have is unquestionably an Um.Pyo head; I checked it against all the Ninodoll faces, and there's no mistake there. It's just . . . tiny.

As I see it, I have a number of options.

1. Sell the swarrico body and try to find a thin-necked body that will match Ninodoll resin.

*unacceptable, because I am cooing over the swarrico body and lugging it around the house like little Laura Ingalls with her corncob doll. Cannot sell swarrico body. Beepbeepbeepbeeeeeeeeeeeeep. System failure. Abort. Abort.*

2. Apologize to the faceup artist, cancel the commission slot, and try to sell the Um.Pyo head on DoA.

*but I WANT a faceup by this artist! Still, there might be an option lurking in there, thanks to an impending arrival. Hmm. The question is, would anyone buy the Um.Pyo head?*

3. Option 2, followed by: find another head for the swarrico body. Is this the moment when I actually get to shop Y!J head listings for real?

*expensive. That way lies madness.*

Thoughts? I'm off to teach an acquaintance how to knit--will see what y'all think later on.
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