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Help with a head ID, please (I'm sure it's Volks, but . . . )
Ospirit's model here . . . is that a Kun head?



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Looks like Liz to me, but I'm not as good at identifying girls as I am boys. XD;

Ya-hah! Those are the eyes--thanks! I'm hopeless with head IDs, *shame*.

Confirmed! I didn't think I liked the Liz head that much, but Ospirit's sparky girl is kinda doing something for me.

I have the worst eye for faces in the universe. The one and only high-school reunion I went to was a disaster because I couldn't recognize *anybody* . . . and family reunions are total agony. ;-)

Hey, while I'm thinking about it--you have an MSD, right? Sometime when you have a chance, could you measure the neck length and the circumference at the top, where the head sits? I'm curious to know whether the Um.Pyo head would work on an MSD body.

Will do....I'm at work, but will get one of the boys out tonight.

Doesn't have to be tonight at all--just sometime when you have the boys out and think of it! Thank you; I'm trying not to jump into a decision here, but collect as much info as I can before I commit either way. *sigh*

I finally did it.....
Length 2.5 cm
Circumference on top 6.8 cm

YAY, thank you!! I'll make a Sculpey log and see how the head looks on it right now--

At first I though School head C cause of how her eyes are painted but the mouth is all LIZ.
Liz is SO much better repainted ... I luvs my Lizzie

I'm still staring back and forth from the official pictures of Liz to Ospirit's auction pictures--wow, what a difference! *thinking thinking thinking*

nahh that's liz, no doubt!!!


maybe you should hold onto that swarrico bod and see about getting a liz head.

Er. Or some other Volks head. *Plotting in Sekrit*

^_^ ^_^ ^_^

i would of thought it was a Kun too - no wonder you got confused :)

That does make me think that a Kun could be painted to look sparky and cute like Ospirit's girl . . . hmmm . . . so many possibilities! ^_^

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