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My head problem, a.k.a. the Joys of BJD Collecting
ETA: Hey, sillydogs, you're supposed to be on vacation, not online! Sorry I was at the post office when you called--message received, and will do. Have a great time--

Poor pinheaded girl . . .

You know I like head-tilted poses. *sigh*

By contrast, look at how perfectly the Ninodoll Mogwa head sits on its SD10 body:

Mogwa on SD10 jointed boy body, next to UM.PYO on SD10 swarrico body:

And just for kicks, Choa on CH old body, next to . . . well, you know:

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hm.... interesting.

i rather like the dress you have her in, it's neat in an old-fashioned sort of way.

Mmmmyeah, that's an Amelie Tailor dress that I bought for Claudine (who wasn't wild about it), and I keep waffling about whether to put it up for sale or not. I think it has one too many colors in it; if the turquoise trim were brown or even peach, the whole thing would work better.

Yes. Imagine my surprise, expecting a head that fit the way Mogwa's does. *sigh*

You do know someone that could fix that you know. Jack got me on line before he left for his class. I am out the door for a little bit. I don't think I'll venture very far or even after dark until he gets back from his class. I do like her head. HMMMMmmmmm?!?! How much trouble do I want to get into???

lolllllllll . . . just emailed you! I know you like my Jamie, and this is definitely Jamie's sister--she's adorable (just SMALL, ack!). And we'll have a talk about those turquoise ruffles, mmmhmmmm--

lol, did you try the little head on the CH body?

I know it would fit just fine--I don't want to take my CH girls apart, though! ;-) They'd kick me if I did . . .

LOL. Doll juggling can be such a headache sometimes, eh?

Looks like she will fit CH or Luts just fine. Volks has fat necks - all of them!
Mogwas' face up is so beautiful, I feel sorry for the blank faced petite headed girl, now they are all going to pick on her.

It's sooooooo hard to decide what to do here . . . buy a body for the head? Buy a head for the body? ACK!!!!!

I do think I need to do a little photostory of the conversation among the three SD10s in the house right now . . . the boys are heading back to school, with new sweaters to wear, and Swarrico says, "Look, I'm all ready for school, and I have new clothes too!" To which the boys guffaw, "Aw, you can't go to school--you don't have a head."

Oh dear. Poor head looks awfully precarious.

Isn't it sad? Such a sweet face, and so utterly NOT SD-sized. *sigh*

:::nods::: these things happen. I went through 3 bodies for my Shinydoll. I'm sortof on pins and needles to see if Fin fits the flexibody. I'm really thinking it should work...but the best made plans...

cynthia - do you think mogwa would suit a msd body? or is it too large for it :S

That's what I'm wondering--a local friend of mine is interested in getting the head to put on an MSD body, and I do think it *might* work. GAH DOLLY TROUBLES!


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