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Still life, with ribbons
Sasha Blaze

Not bad, if I do say so myself. I didn't do as well in the knitting section as I usually do, but on the other hand there was the surprise big win in the woven-basket section to balance things out. And, look, tubbysnuggles--Oliver's sweater got a ribbon!

For those of you who track lotteries, pachinko winnings, and suchlike, my total prize money was $15.75: $3 for the blue, $1.50 for the red, $1.25 for the white, and $10 for the sweepstakes premium. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Even better news, though--I heard from my former student who's at the University of Minnesota, and he (with his wife and kindergarten-age son) were safely in Bulgaria visiting their families/doing dissertation research when that bridge collapsed in Minneapolis. All their friends are safe, too. A very, very good note to launch the weekend.

Oh, and I've been meaning to post a picture of my sabbatical basketmaking adventure, so here goes--these are the ones I've made this year, and I can't wait to go back to another class. The woman who teaches the classes is phenomenal; I wish I were half that good at teaching freshmen to write.

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Congrats on the ribbons and your baskets are wonderful!

B's daughter and sister were on that highway when the bridge collapsed. They saw so many helicopters in the sky flying in that direction. At that time though there was nothing on the news so they didn't know what had happened. He didn't hear from them till late that night. I don't know why they didn't return his call earlier, would have saved him some stress, but at least they are all okay.

They . . . didn't return his call for hours? He must have been beside himself! But I'm so glad they weren't actually on or near the bridge itself--

One reason I like this basket instructor so much is that she has great instincts for when to step in and help correct something that's going wrong, and when to stand back and let the process unfold. It's a real gift, that.

okay i'm TRULY astounded at the BASKETS, the BASKETS!!!!!! that double-handled picnic hamper??!?!?!? and the one on the far right...!!!!!!!! un-frickin'believable!!!!!

i know oliver's sweater rocked all along!!

The picnic hamper was freakin' exhausting--that's the one that took eight hours to make, with only a 15-minute lunch break! But Donna (the instructor) really knows her stuff. I almost entered the pail basket (the one on the right) in the fair, but up close you can see that it isn't perfectly round. I got picky with my choice, lollllll.

Wow .. who knew you wove? Underwater? no I am teasing.... The baskets are awesome! How gorgeous.
Congratulations on your knitting winnings .... Lunch is on the winner

Hee! Underwater would actually be easier sometimes . . . when those reeds start to dry out, it's tough to wrestle them into place.

This is truly not a craft that I ever thought I was interested in learning, but I'm so glad that an acquaintance of mine here in town badgered me until I came along to a class with her. I love weaving, now that I've gotten started.

Yeah, it's a good year at the county fair when you win enough premium money to buy lunch! ;-)

Oh, congratulations! They all look great!

I love your baskets. Um, to be honest, I love all baskets - I have a thing for baskets, boxes, and tins - but your shapes and colors are wonderful.

Ohhhhh, you HAVE to come out here and visit next summer--we'll go down to Donna's house and do a basket class! She has such good taste, and she believes in starting people off with usable projects; the first basket I made is the Jeremiah, the one on the bottom left.

Wow Congratulations!!!
Those baskets are gorgeous! :o

I'm supposed to be writing articles during my sabbatical, but instead . . .



Basketry - wowowowowowow!!!! Gorgeous work, C! You are just a gifted gal all around! And I'm sure you're a brill teacher!

That stripey jumper looks well past Third placement to me, though....

Yay for handicrafts!

I am just amazed at how much fun the basketmaking is--who'd a thunk it?

And eyah, I pretty much thought the same thing about the stripey one. People were getting ticked off last year that I had won the blue and sweepstakes in knitting for three years in a row, though, so it's All for the Best. (There are no grudges like small-town grudges.)

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