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Fashion-doll pictures, just because
Sasha Blaze
I've spent the livelong day sorting through my Tonner collection, then photographing the ones that need to move on and listing them on eBay. I got bleary-eyed enough at the end to make a mistake in the BIN price on one, went back to correct it as soon as I noticed, and got a snippy message from someone who claimed to have been getting ready to BIN it when the price went up $3. WhatEVER.

I did get some pretty pictures along the way, though! Most of the jewelry here is by tubbysnuggles, by the way . . . she deals good crack.

This is a BasicBlack Layne, who's being sold because I have a spectacular Layne repaint on the way and I don't love the face so much that I want two of them:

Winter Whisper Sydney, pretty enough but bland. I like my Sydneys in diva mode.

Greene, my Basic Wicked Witch. Poor Greene. She was a jokey purchase, and the joke wore thin after a while.

Stephen, an enhanced Black Tie Matt. One Matt turns out to be enough, and I like my redhead better than this guy.

High Style Tyler. Love the outfit, never did warm up to the eye painting.

And the one I haven't listed yet, because I just can't seem to make up my mind. The pink hair is so utterly not me (I don't even have pink wigs for my BJDs), but . . . dang, she's purty. A Glinda enhancement.

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I like the facemold on the first one, Layne, very much.
Tonners are pretty, I never really got into them, though I like a lot of the repaints.

If you have any Matt tops, or anymore CH LJ stuff, I'd be interested.....I did manage to find a CH LJ Meoloo that will be coming here soon.

I'm going to go through the clothes this week, and I'll let you know what I find. Hooray for getting the Meoloo!

For some reason, this particular Layne looks unfinished to me. But just wait till you see the repaint; I about swallowed my tongue when I looked at the auction pictures. The last thing I was planning to spend money on was a Tonner repaint, but . . . some itches just have to be scratched.

And then there's the new head on the way for my swarrico body. Mmmhmmmm.

I definitely want to see the keeper Tonners now that we've seen the rejects.

Head, new head, yaaay!!
I got the Domuya flexibody, it's a pain, but I'm oddly charmed by it. Now I just need to sell the two heads I bought it for, rotfl!

LMK what you find for LJ's....you know where I am.

Of course, the trouble with Tonners is that they ALL photograph well, to the point where it's hard to let go of any of them. Bah. I did just have a brainstorm about the pink-haired Glinda, though: I could scalp her and turn her into a wig doll. *liking the idea*

BIG YAAAAAAAY for the new head. Big ouch for the dent in bank account. ;)

So are you keeping the flexibody around to play with, even without the heads?

Will do on the LJ-sized stuff!

Yes, I like the flexi, and I still have floating boy heads, just selling the two CP ones.

did you order yours during the special? People who ordered AFTER me are getting their tracking numbers.

Naturally I'm somewhat disturbed by this.

No, I got mine secondhand on DOA.

oooo pretty girls! We need more Tonners on the LJ list :)
I really like the Glinda, i think you should turn her into a wig doll, she would look fantastic with different colored hair :)
More please :)

I think so too (on all counts)!

And I *knew* something was holding me back from putting up that last auction listing . . . it just took my subconscious a while to figure out what it was. Hmmm, do I just shear off the hair pretty short and then use tweezers to pull the stubs out of the rooting holes? Time to buy one of LaureBelle's size 5-6 silicone wig caps.

Yup, that's the process, though you might have to take her head off to get some of the stuff out.

Re: *butts in >_>*

Ya-hah, thanks! Out will come the scissors, some day when I'm feeling destructive . . . ;-) Yeah, she's just too pretty to sell, especially when the only thing bothering me is the totally correctable pink hair.


That reminds me... I have to get pink hair for one of mine... and a little bit of glow in the dark.

I'm not a barbie person, and I'm not into odd doll hair colours, but this beat up old chewed on barbie MUST have her pink and glow hair... go figure.

hurrah for tonners!!!!!!!

i think wigging that glinda is an awesome plan!!!

Yeah, I really think all she needs to be a productive member of the community is a few nice wigs. ;-) I already have some CED wigs; I'm going to try them on her over the pink hair, just to get a general idea.

And hmmm, I wonder if my hairdresser has enough of a sense of humor to thin and cut the pink hair into a little shag, so that I can slick it down under wigs but still have it there for fun? It *is* a pretty color, just not great for everyday.

Wowee Cynthia!! What a collection you got there, i never realised you have so many other typed dolls too :D
The one thing calling from Tonner for me is the Wonderland Rabbit - tee-hee -i love his little outfit I am planning to get him one day ^_~

Ohhh, the White Rabbit from the card game (with the ruff and the trumpet), or the regular White Rabbit with the waistcoat and watch?

Yup, I have Tonners and also a nice herd of Sashas--I tend go through phases where I'm paying all my attention to one kind of doll and the others sit and wait patiently for their turn to come around again. I think I'm entering a Tonner phase at the moment.

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