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Fashion-doll pictures, just because

I've spent the livelong day sorting through my Tonner collection, then photographing the ones that need to move on and listing them on eBay. I got bleary-eyed enough at the end to make a mistake in the BIN price on one, went back to correct it as soon as I noticed, and got a snippy message from someone who claimed to have been getting ready to BIN it when the price went up $3. WhatEVER.

I did get some pretty pictures along the way, though! Most of the jewelry here is by tubbysnuggles, by the way . . . she deals good crack.

This is a BasicBlack Layne, who's being sold because I have a spectacular Layne repaint on the way and I don't love the face so much that I want two of them:

Winter Whisper Sydney, pretty enough but bland. I like my Sydneys in diva mode.

Greene, my Basic Wicked Witch. Poor Greene. She was a jokey purchase, and the joke wore thin after a while.

Stephen, an enhanced Black Tie Matt. One Matt turns out to be enough, and I like my redhead better than this guy.

High Style Tyler. Love the outfit, never did warm up to the eye painting.

And the one I haven't listed yet, because I just can't seem to make up my mind. The pink hair is so utterly not me (I don't even have pink wigs for my BJDs), but . . . dang, she's purty. A Glinda enhancement.
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