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Someone was in a hurry to get here!
She left Pennsylvania on Saturday . . . knocked at my door today. Insisted that we channel Julia Margaret Cameron, whether I liked it or not. (And I wondered why I was buying the frilly cambric underwear set in Tokyo!)

Going back to the drawing board for names. Right now I'm thinking she might be either Daisy or Nell.

Oh, yeah: Kemper mohair wig, gray-blue mystery eyes bought on Y!J (they look a lot like Kanis Augen).
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wowee!! postal services are trying to prove everyone wrong these days by "putting their skates on" lately...LOL
she's beautiful! congratulations :D

It's these white-resin dolls--they're in a hurry! ;-) A really good day all the way around, huh?

oh HOT DOG!!!!!! I think she looks just lovely!! you said "modern" I wasn't expecting these pics!!!!!


No, see, *you* made her look so cool and modern . . . but she just wouldn't cooperate when I tried. So we went this way, *sigh*.

I need to get that straight Jpop wig in the color combination you have; I have the reverse combination (brown with lighter streaks), and it didn't work very well on her.

She's so delicately beautiful.

Thank you!! I'm really struggling now with whether or not to send her off for the faceup I was planning. ACK.

Her face is so beautiful the way it is. That is a really hard decision!

I wish her eyebrows weren't *quite* so straight across . . . and I wish there wasn't quite so much pink shading around her eyes. *sigh* What to do, what to do?

Love your icon, by the way!

She looks perfect and very beautiful against that background ^^

Aw, thank you! The soft focus really seemed to suit the wig and underwear, as well as her lovely white resin. Volks do make some amazing dolls!

(Deleted comment)
YES! That's it exactly--she's Sargent's or even Rossetti's kind of girl. You can tell she'll grow up to be a great beauty, but she doesn't have any of that mid-Victorian chocolate-box/Pears'-Soap-advertisement girlish prettiness.

She's beautiful and looks so different! Love the pictures. I also love the name Nell.....^__^

I think "Nell" is sticking--Eleanor or Elinor or even Ellen, Nell for short. I've wanted to name something Nell for a long time; I once tried to give that name to a family dog, but my parents just *looked* at me. We named the dog Tina instead. ;-)

She really is--I love the proportions of the Masha head to the SD10 body. I always thought Sasha's head was a little oversized, but this is as perfect a match as I could imagine.

I really like how you presented her, Cynthia! I like the effect and the softness of her. Heh. You are thinking about her like I thought about Wendy... originally I was trying to come up with Edwardian/Victorian names and "Wendy" happened because of Peter Pan (Wendy bird). Coming up with "old" names is difficult, at least for me (you are the PERFECT person for this though since you are so knowledgeable) but I was really trying to come up with names like Opal, Pearl... you know... Tulip... names that just aren't used anymore, but didn't sound lame.

I hope you have a ton of fun with her!

She is VERY cool! But she is also (as the English used to say) a proper little madam--very picky about what she will and won't wear! I only have three wigs that I like on her at all, urgh . . . shopping to come . . .

How lovely! I really like the undies, they are perfect . The darker eyes are nice with the blonde wig.

I'm liking darker eyes as a contrast to all that whiteness; I love these eyes, so I've been hanging onto them for a long time even though they didn't really work for any of the dolls I have. YAY!

And aren't those undies adorable? I pounced on them when I saw them in Tokyo--not my usual thing, but I did know this pretty creature was on the way . . .

Ooh, I like her. :D
I also like her underwear very, very much. ^__^ (I could probably fit into her bra.)

I can't wait to see what name you pick for her!

*snorfle* Judith has a 9-inch bust! Judith has a 9-inch bust!

I think she's liking the name Nell; so far so good. ;-)

You made her look so beautiful and delicate. Love the mood of your pics.

Awwwww, thank you! Strong light just doesn't flatter this faceup at all; I'm still debating whether to send her head off or not. *sigh*

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