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Sasha prettiness
Sasha Blaze
Getting very little accomplished today, though I think I've deconfused a couple of freshmen about the next assignment.

Some new clothes for the Sashas:

First, Lucie (a 1980s Trendon Sasha Sweater) and Sasha (1970 Blonde Gingham) in Sasha Morgenthaler Studio-style outfits. Lucie's, on the left, is by the wonderful and talented Cindy P.--no, not yours truly, *snerk*--and Sasha's is by another talented seamstress who goes by the name of LeeLee Designs.

Next, Blaze (a custom Sasha by Kelly Wenarsky) in another Studio-style outfit by pinestreetstudio/Cindy P. Is this adorable, or what?

*Waving at Cindy, if she happens to drop by*

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Really cute outfits for your Sashas. ^^
I love the little coveralls, blouse and scarf.....vintage fabrics??

I never knew the newer Sahsas were bigger than the old ones. I have the blond in a Gingham 70's style, too....and she looks smaller and darker than the newer one.

I wonder about those fabrics, too--the scarf is vintage, or so I'm guessing, but I'm not sure about the other pieces. I should email Cindy and ask.

And the Sasha molds stretched over time, at least according to what I remember reading on the Sasha yahoogroups. I've had Lucie/Sweater for a few months, but this is the first time I've stood her right next to my 1970 Sasha to bring out the difference in height. The difference in the vinyl color is quite a bit easier to see in photographs than it is in person. (I gather that a lot of the latest-made Sashas, those from Gotz, are lighter still.)

those outfits are great. You did a good job. I collect Gregors mostly, and will pop onto ebay from time to time to look for clothes. Though I'm really just down to my favorites right now.

I should photograph them all, they're just such sweet aspect dolls.

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