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Sasha prettiness

Getting very little accomplished today, though I think I've deconfused a couple of freshmen about the next assignment.

Some new clothes for the Sashas:

First, Lucie (a 1980s Trendon Sasha Sweater) and Sasha (1970 Blonde Gingham) in Sasha Morgenthaler Studio-style outfits. Lucie's, on the left, is by the wonderful and talented Cindy P.--no, not yours truly, *snerk*--and Sasha's is by another talented seamstress who goes by the name of LeeLee Designs.

Next, Blaze (a custom Sasha by Kelly Wenarsky) in another Studio-style outfit by pinestreetstudio/Cindy P. Is this adorable, or what?

*Waving at Cindy, if she happens to drop by*
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