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Is it back-to-school time already??!
Sasha Blaze

JAMIE: Psst! Hey, Shiro! C'mere!

JAMIE: What are you going to wear on the first day of school? I have my new sweater, see?

SHIRO: What am I going to wear? What are you, a girl? Boys don't think about stuff like that.

JAMIE: But it's a nice sweater. The buttons are on the right side and everything.

NELL: I have my lessons with a governess.

VOICE OFFSTAGE: Look! I'm all ready for school! See my pretty uniform?

SHIRO: You're on your own, bro.

JAMIE: Well, um . . . see, you don't have your head yet. So I really don't think you can go to school with us. I mean, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but--

SWARRICO: I don't get it. Why would I need a head to go to school?

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*gigglesnort* Excellent!

Everyone (Swarrico included) looks great in their school togs! ^_^

-- A <3

P.S. Nell!! :D :D :D

Swarrico thanks you prettily, and would like to know whether YOU think one needs a head to go to school. She's taking a poll, and if she could just see the keyboard, she'd post it on DoA.

Isn't Nell fabulous? Wheeeeee!!!

Hmmm . . . the purpose of school is generally to fill one's head with knowledge . . . but you could always carry a large purse!

Nell is lovely, congratulations, hon! It's been delightful seeing all these girls winging their way home (and I just sent Lyssa's off today!)

-- A :D

Okay, where the hell is Sejong? Didn't we tell him to chill on the decapitations, already? Sheesh!!


It is a very nice sweater, Jamie. *pats his total cutiepie self*

SEJONG: My sword is not used on children. Even annoying ones. *hmph*

Isn't Jamie adorable? I love those Bing Crosby ears . . .

Hmm? Jamie who? Sejong is (dangerous) luff. Oh! Yes, yes, Bing Crosby ears indeed! And such a truly sweet smile.

Anyway, you never know, that headless child may be possessed by the spirit of a seafaring warlord who stole Sejong's mother's puppy.

I'm really beginning to like Jamie :D
such a cheerful little mold - so cute!!!

It's so much fun having one smiley face in the crew--Jamie just glows all over with happiness! And he's funny-looking enough to have some character, too.

Okay that made me giggle right here in my cube at work. Trying to calm down now, people are way to serious here.

And yeah Jamie, buttons correct is a bit ole plus.

now someone will catch me grinning and make assumptions no doubt.

Hee! We do our best to lighten up the workday . . .

Fifth-graders do have some gender identity issues, don't they? Buttons on the right side = BIG DEAL.

XD Why would you need a head indeed? I'd have gladly left mine at home and let my body go instead!

Sometimes I think most of my students left their real heads at home and are wearing fakes . . .


So glad you're settling in!!! YAAAAAAAY California!

ooo that sweater DID come out all kinds of awesome.

heee heee... **points** I can see your Shook!!!!!!!!!!!

SWARRICO: MOOOOOOOM! She's being mean to me!

Yup, I think we've conquered the V-neck cardigan thing. Hooray for variations!

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