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Is it back-to-school time already??!

JAMIE: Psst! Hey, Shiro! C'mere!

JAMIE: What are you going to wear on the first day of school? I have my new sweater, see?

SHIRO: What am I going to wear? What are you, a girl? Boys don't think about stuff like that.

JAMIE: But it's a nice sweater. The buttons are on the right side and everything.

NELL: I have my lessons with a governess.

VOICE OFFSTAGE: Look! I'm all ready for school! See my pretty uniform?

SHIRO: You're on your own, bro.

JAMIE: Well, um . . . see, you don't have your head yet. So I really don't think you can go to school with us. I mean, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but--

SWARRICO: I don't get it. Why would I need a head to go to school?
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