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Ninodoll UM.PYO head on MSD-sized neck . . . sort of . . .
Measurements for MSD-sized Sculpey mockup courtesy of celticgeekess.

You may all drop to your knees and worship my mad sculpting skillz ANY TIME NOW.

I truly can't decide whether it's appallingly horrible, or whether it might work. It certainly isn't much worse than the UM.PYO head on the SD10 body (though in the opposite direction, of course).
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Maybe just wishful thinging here

BUT, Jessie WANTS a little sister, neice, cousin, neighbor girl (whatever the relationship, she needs to be younger). Jessie usually gets what she wants.

Re: Maybe just wishful thinging here

i was gigging at cyn's mad sculpting skills - I didn't mean you to think I was giggling at you! nooo!! I was giggling at the thumbprints in the torso. tee.

still, I do think that head will be too big on an MSD sized body, and would look a little add. there are lots of adorable MSD kids out there you could get for a good price - Dream of doll would be adorable... or a blue fairy...

The white dinosaur desperately tries to flap its vestigial wings . . . FLAPFLAPFLAPFLAP . . .


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